10 Things to Do Near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere
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We were so excited to be given the opportunity to go experience Radium Hot Springs and some exciting local neighbouring businesses this winter. It’s about an 8 hour drive from where we live, Abbotsford, BC, through the most gorgeous mountain setting. With three nights there to explore we had a list of the things that we wanted to do and see near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

Driving with kids is always an adventure on it’s own. On the way up we decided to add another night to our adventure and stop in Kamloops, BC. We found Coast Hotels Kamloops, a four star reasonably priced hotel with a pool that would be perfect for letting the kids get some energy out in the morning.

The morning of it was such a success, the kids were thrilled to start the day off in the pool and then proceeded to nap for a few hours during our drive toward Radium Hot Springs.

We arrived in the evening, checked into Big Horn Meadows Resort and then went straight to dinner at Horsethief Pub, a casual local spot for the family. The rest of the weekend was jam packed with all the things below.

10 Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs | Big Horn Meadows Resort, Nipika Cross Country Skiing, Radium Hot Springs Pools, Windermere Lake, Kicking Horse Coffee, Big Horn Sheep Sightings

10 Things to Do Near Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia

1. Big Horn Meadows Resort

The top accommodation in Radium Hot Springs is Big Horn Meadows Resort. It is surrounded by views of the Purcell Mountains, the Rockies and Redstreak Mountain (which in the summer months really is red).

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs

We stayed in one of the new mountain contemporary townhome’s. Our 1,100 sq.ft. space offered us 2 bedroom, 2 baths, a full kitchen, living and dining area with an outdoor covered patio and BBQ. The high ceiling, open concept and windows allowed the space to feel larger with an abundance of natural light.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

In the summer months you can enjoy their pool and throughout the year you can find two hot tubs next to an amenities room, including a workout area. 

Right next to Big Horn Meadows is the home of Springs Golf Course. Perfect for those travelling in the summer months looking to be close to world-class golfing. The photo below is taken from beside the clubhouse, off in the distance we also saw a herd of elk grazing.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

2. Radium Hot Springs Pools

When I asked the kids to share their favourite part of the trip this was at the very top. We spent almost three hours lounging in Radium Hot Springs Pools and if our bellies weren’t hungry for dinner I’m sure we could have spent even more time relaxing.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

The views surrounding these pools is unbelievable, Radium Hot Springs Pools are located near the entrance of Kootenay National Park. The mineral rich waters are perfect for soaking soar muscles in their unique outdoor hot springs experience.

You can find a warmer pool (around 37ºC – 40ºC) and a cooler pool (around 27ºC – 29ºC) while we visited during the winter the warmer pool was definitely the most popular which also has the most spectacular mountain views.

3. Radium Visitor Centre Wildlife Display

Not only does the Radium Visitor Centre have everything you need when it comes to maps and discovering more things to do within Radium Hot Springs and it’s surrounding areas it also offers tours aiming to make each visitors experience memorable.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

We were offered a presentation for our family, where we were introduced to their local wildlife exhibit and learned about local animals including their famous Big Horn Sheep, cougars, goats and more. The kids loved getting an opportunity to pick up, touch and feel the different skulls and horns.

Radium Hot Springs Tourism Instagram

4. Horsethief Pub

Located right next to the Radium Visitor Centre, Horsethief Pub and Eatery is a local dining spot open year round. In the winter months the town of Radium is quieter with a number of restaurants closed, but Horsthiefcompared to summer and Horsethief is a go-to dining experience for all.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

Though they do not have a specific kids menu they do offer to cater to kids and offered us a smaller portion of chicken strips and a few other things. Our youngest kids opted for the chicken strips. 

Depending on the day of the week you can also be entertained there with live music, karaoke and other special events.

Horsethief Pub on Instagram

5. Nipika Mountain Resort Cross Country Skiing

What a highlight Nipika Mountain Resort was! If it was up to James and I we would have spent all day exploring. The kids had a good time as well, though as it was our first time cross country skiing we choose a beginner trail that wouldn’t be too exhausting on the younger ones.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

While we chatted with one of the ladies working there we discovered some of the history of Nipika and loved the community feel. We picked up on the cozy welcoming vibes right away and got the sense that it continued to operate through love and dedication of a group of great friends. You could tell their hearts truly loved what was created there.

Nipika Resort operated completely by solar power and is nestled in the heart of the wilderness completely off-grid. You can find activities such as; cross country skiing, ice skating, fat biking, tobogganing and snowshoeing in the winter months and mountain biking, hiking, trail running and more during the summer months.

Nipika Mountain Resort on Instagram

6. Kicking Horse Coffee & Cafe

When we asked around to locals in the area what were some must visit places around Radium Hot Springs, BC, Kicking Horse Cafe was mentioned nearly every time. It was also already on our list of places to visit! 

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

Kicking Horse Coffee is a well known coffee brand across Canada and their brewing facility and cafe was such a treat to experience. We all tried out a tasty treat and my husband and I enjoyed a macchiato double expresso with a shot of steamed milk and a dirty chai latte, respectively.

You can discover Kicking Horse Cafe just as you enter Invermere when coming from Radium Hot Springs, make sure to make a stop to discover their organic and fair trade coffee roasted in the freshest air.

Kicking Horse Cafe on Instagram

7. Arrowhead Brewery

Located in Invermere, BC right across from Kicking Hose coffee, Arrowhead is hard to miss and was also a recommended place to stop when visiting. Their decor inside the tasting room will have you intrigued while sipping from one of their ale varieties.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

I asked if there were any radlers or fruitier beers available and got a look of.. disgust. Arrowhead is a place for those whole enjoy… well, beer. They value quality ingredients and are found experimenting with different styles. While they started out with just 2 styles, you can now find 6 permanent beers on tap with a few others that vary through the seasons.

Arrowhead Brewery on Instagram

8. Windermere Lake Skating Trail 

Windermere Lake was named the world’s longest skating trail by Guinness World Records in 2014. It’s over 30 km in length and has breathtaking mountain views at every angle. You can enjoy skating, designated hockey areas and groomed cross country skiing trails. Windermere Lake is located in Invermere, BC which is about 15-20 minutes from Radium Hot Springs.

9. Taynton Bay Spirits and Station Neighbourhood Pub

We could see Taynton Bay Spirits and Station Neighourhood Pub as we walked along Windermere Lake. Plan a day to do both and experience the tastes of local spirits in the Taynton Bay tasting room. Upstairs you can enjoy dinner in a pub atmostphere serving cocktails exclusively created with Taynton Bay Spirits.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere

We got to try our fair share of spirits when we went in and I was over the moon for their ginger matcha. We ended up leaving with three of our favourite bottles and then headed upstairs for dinner.

The Station Neighbourhood Pub caters to both adults and children, they have a specific kids menu with a handful of options along with colouring sheets and crayons.

Taynton Bay Spirits on Instagram

10. Discover the herd of Big Horn Sheep

As we drove to and from Big Horn Meadows Resort each day we would look into the meadow to find the heard of Big Horn Sheep. There is around 125 Big Horn Sheep (which we discovered at the visitor centre) and all loved getting a look at them grazing.

Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere
Things to do Near Radium Hot Springs and Invermere




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