5 Simple Ways to Cozy Up Your Bedroom

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My husband and I have been talking about different ways to change up our bedroom.  We want to create a unique space in the home that is just for us.  We are in the process of creating an accent wall for behind our bed, which got me thinking.  Once that is complete what small simple touches do I want to add/keep to create a super cozy feel.

1 – All About the Bedding

It is all about the bed, lets talk big fluffy pillows with sheets on blankets on blankets.  It is always a pleasure to come home from a long day/night and flop down onto a heaven of duvet and fluffy goodness.  There are so many great options for wonderful bedding, though I tend to sway towards the all season down duvets from Parachute Home and chunky knit blankets from Lily and Pea Body.

cozy white bed with white duvet

photo via Parachute Home

 2 – Adjust Your Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference, bad lighting is never a good thing.  It is always nice to have a couple of different lighting options in the bedroom.  Adding bedside lamps made all the difference in our bedroom.  Another great option is to add a mobile strand of lights somewhere around the room, whether it is a small strand of twinkle lights or larger bulbs the outcome is stunningly cozy.

bedroom with great lighting | black and white decor

photo via my parradissi

3 – Choose A Scent

Candles add a romantic cozy touch to the room as well as make it smell magical.  I have recently fallen for Harlow Skin Co. and their ‘Fresh Morning’ candle.  This is by far my scent of choice, I love filling the air in our bedroom with a scent that brightens your day.  It can make all the difference in your mood and feeling extra cozy.  This tip is super affordable and catered to your specific interests.

cozy bedroom with romatic lighting and white sheets

photo via decoratingyoursmallspace

4 – Decorate Your Space

Fill your walls with images of encouraging phases or photos of loved ones.  There is nothing more inviting than feeling loved and encouraged the moment you walk in.  Organize your photographs, create a collage wall, and show off some of your favourite artists all in one space.

cozy bedroom that is decorated well

photo via thetomkatstudio

5 – Finish it off with a Rug

One of my favourite aspects of our bedroom is our shaggy rug.  When I wake up in the morning and take my warm toes out from under the covers there is nothing better then to have them nestled into my cozy shag area rug.  It adds so much charactor and such a cozy feel to our bedroom.   There are so many great rugs out there, I have found some lovely ones at Rugs USA and Ikea.

cozy white bedroom with soft plush rug

photo via Oprah




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