6 Summer Trends to Last All Year

6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions
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Well we asked for it and summer has officially arrived. It feels so good to shred the layers and be dressed in light weight dresses and my favorite rolled up shorts. I have put together some of my favorite summer trends that I have seen carry over from spring. I also believe these trends are going to hop their way into fall and winter styles as well.

When spending money on clothing I have been more conscious then ever about where my dollars are going. I am putting more money into my clothes and seeing such a return on quality. Not only do I feel that the quality is better but I find I don’t ever want to take these clothes off. Everything from the way it fits to the type of fabric that is used makes these items so desirable.

On a recent trip into Kitsilano I had the opportunity to explore Twist Fashions. Twist is a storefront on the corner of West 4th and Bayswater established in 1986. The owner, Sharon, and her team of employees all have incredible fashion and style knowledge and are able to assist their customers efficiently. Sharon was able to pick items off the racks knowing our size without even asking, now that is skill.

It is such a pleasure to team up with them today to share what they have in terms of summer styles and equip you to dress to last through more than summer. I loved that the store was filled with staple quality pieces, that would pair with multiple items. Say goodbye to the one off pieces. Thanks to Sharon and Rachel for styling these outfits.

6 Summer Trends to Last All Year

  1. Lace Up Everything

    This spring we were introduced to a number of lace up tops that became widely popular. Most of the fashion bloggers that I follow were sharing images featuring this popular style. Summer trends have taken the lace up tops and introduced cute, simple and beyond comfortable lace up dresses. No need for a necklace with this look, accessorize with boho shoes for a casual look or dress it up with a simple wedge heel.

    Photography: Julie Christine Photography
    6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions

  2. Raw Edge Denim

    The raw edge denim jacket. I couldn’t leave the store without purchasing this beauty. On the rack I wasn’t too sure, but it wasn’t long after wearing this jacket around the store that I fell in love with the unique look. The raw edge adds a dark blue tone to the overall light denim coloured jacket and allows it to pair easily with multiple looks, even other denim! It isn’t just jackets that are getting a raw edge either. Also take a look at the raw edge on these slim fit jeans (photo in number 3), in love with the casual raw edge paired with a classic heel.

    6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions

  3. Bomber Jacket

    It might be hot out but we can’t forget about our summer nights. Bomber jackets have been trending again since early spring and are still going strong. I have paired this floral jacket with a solid top and jeans for the perfect look, making it easy to go from day to night.

    6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions

  4. Solids & Basics

    Summer trends, or should I say everyday all day trends. Each of my looks is all about the basics, keeping it simple and introducing only pops of pattern. The best way to create a wardrobe with trends that last is to pick out basics that pair well with any type of top of bottom. This about the tones of your clothes and try to purchase within them, for me I have leaned towards olive greens, blush pinks, soft denim, white, greys and blacks. Dressing in the morning is always easier when you have a solid set of basics to choose from.

  5. Embroidery

    If you haven’t noticed I love a little embroidery. The never dyeing floral trend has come back as a popular summer trend through embroidery. Make sure that the colours pair well with the basics in your closet. Like this chambray cardigan featured you can take it from daily beach wear or dress it up with a basic summer dress and heels.

    6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions

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    6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions

  6. A Splash of Boho

    I love accessorizing with a little boho. Whether it is shoes with a little bit of flare (picture above gold shoes & tassel shoes) or if you find a staple piece with a boho vibe. This dress is the perfect combo of a staple basic with boho detail. I found that at Twist Fashions when browsing their racks they were so great at having these types of pieces. Perfect for showing your personality but not too over the top that it doesn’t flow with the rest of your closet.

    6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions6 Summer Trends to Last All Year | Twist Fashions

All styles are available at Twist Fashionsย in Kitsilano (Vancouver, BC). Be sure to visit their website for more information about what they offer and their styling services.

Twist Fashions Website | Instagram | Facebook




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