• Well, it's that time again... sitting and waiting for E to get out of school so I thought I'd share a little about me, cause it's been a while since I did and I have some time to kill. So here's three things... that maybe you don't know.
1. I'm the youngest of three sisters. We are a little girl gang and it's the best! Combined we have 8 littles, 7 of which have all arrived within a three year span.
2. I like pizza, a lot. So much so my husband says he doesn't ever crave it anymore.
3. When I raise my eyebrows my forehead doesn't wrinkle. It's kind of strange, I don't think I've ever met someone else who's doesn't. So if you are the same lemme know, cause it's kinda cool 😏
  • I really didn't know what to expect when becoming a mom of three and constantly wondered how the home dynamic would change. I have to say it has been one of the most pleasant surprises. Ezra and Sophie are both constantly showing their affection towards Evelyn, wanting to sit by her at the table and helping out with daily baby duties. Sophie has become more in love with her baby dolls and even asks to wear them like mom, while Ezra enjoys sitting next to her and reading his books to her.
You could win a $500 toy shopping spree on by sharing a surprise story of your own. It could be silly, sweet or anything in between. #kindersurprise #surprisethemback #ad @kindercanada
Photo @dearlovesblog
  • I'm still thinking about this gorgeous backdrop from @dearlovescompany's photoshoot on the weekend. So beautiful and elegant! Great work @sequel_events
This coming weekend I'm going to be up at @refreshmarket designing a floral backdrop creation of my own and snapping photos at the @boombaloomagazine booth. Will I see you there??
  • So it's snowing again.. but what else is new? 🙈💁🏼.... we will just be over here staying inside while the older two are playing in it at school.
Ps any of you know there was a pregnant emoji? I just discovered her! 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼 pretty cute right!
Necklace @shopglitterandspice | onesie @vonbonapparel | shirt @thistleandfinn | photo @efraserphoto
  • Hip hip horray! @arrowandlacedesigns is turning THREE today and we are so thrilled to be a part of their community. Over this part year I've worked as their graphic designer on a few projects and you can often find my girls styling their adorable adjustable headbands and clips. We want to share the love and let you know you can use the code PARTYTIME for a 30% discount at checkout!! #arrowandlaceisthree
  • One thing that I have been asked a lot lately is if I think that the "@dockatot is worth it" or "if it is as magical as everyone says." As it is a bit of an investment, especially for us Canadians, I know everyone wants to know if their money is going to be well spent. For me, it has come in handy in ways that I didn't even think. Yes, it works great for co-sleeping, and initially that's what I thought I wanted it for, but I have used it for so much more! This week alone I have used this exact set up (@gathre mat and my @dockatot) at two photoshoots. I can put E down in a safe place to change, chat, whichever and know that she isn't going to get into anything. I have also used it in the hospital when I went to take birth photos and we went late into the night, E had a bed to sleep in the whole time that was familiar to her, safe and comfortable. So for those that haven't asked and may be wondering,  I have usually answered with, "Yes, I love it! It works so great with our busy lifestyle, of me always on the go."
I've linked my outfit with @liketkit here --> or click temp. link in my profile #liketkit
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