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  • When I posted that I had heard snow was on its way here I had no idea that this much snow was actually coming. We have more snow now then we did all winter I think and our road (which is a main city road) is still pretty snowy. Today went well, and the kids were loving the snow (esp the unreal Snow slide their Dad made for them). So tell me, what's everyone else's thoughts on all this snow?
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  • Today... a couple things about today. Today was originally going to look a heck of a lot different but the snow said otherwise. I had about four engagements planned for today that were all cancelled (understandably) which likely ended up being a good thing cause I was feeling off and on sick all day. Worst. Today I cried for the first time in a while, basically to sum it up, parenting is hard. Today was a whole lot of "don't do that" and "I'm sorry" from both us parents and the kids. Cheers to bedtime and a new day tomorrow.
PS one of the events I was planning to attend today was Celebrate, because they cancelled the event @shopchews has a sale on (see bomber & lots of other super cute clothes) head to their feed for the details
Photo @dearlovesblog and no it was not taken today, notice the lack of one foot of snow ☝🏻😂
  • Holy brrrr. Today's basically been cancelled, try again..... well doesn't look like I'll be doing anything for the next few days actually. Snow is coming in strong over here.
Photo @dearlovesblog
  • It only looked like this for a matter of minutes before the kids got their hands in there. More from this party collaboration on the blog along with a ladies gift ideas post, free printables and our Marshmallow and white chocolate strawberry hearts recipe.
Click link in profile | Tap photo for vendors | Image by @vanessamariestudios
  • I can't stop watching this, her little noises. Gah! Queue the baby fever
The sweetest Valentine's romper by @isntshelovely
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