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  • I like big ruffles and I can not lie. But actually, this trend can stay forever.
Photo taken by @juliechristinephotography for her @dearlovescompany spring launch (coming soon!). Just gushing over all her new bracelet styles.
Dress @thistleandfinn | Bracelet @dearlovesblog | Necklace @reikodesigns
  • Happy International Woman's Day from me and my little women.
  • This girl had her 6 month check & shots today (a whole 1.5 months behind 🙈). She was a champ for the appointment, measured tall for her age and about 38% mark for her weight. No teeth yet, sitting in tall and rolls around to get from place to place. You are such a joy my sweet little Evelyn.
Photo from @shopglitterandspice photoshoot by @efraserphoto
  • This morning I ordered my Starbucks and asked for a Thai chee latte... probably should have got a coffee. Also don't recommend sandals yet. #brrrr #its3degrees #allforthepedicure
  • This week on the blog I shared about a campaign that is so near and dear to my heart. @themodernfort and @arrow_house have teamed up for the third year to raise funds and awareness for those battling cancer. This year they are planning a special day for some nominated moms within the Fraser Valley. If this is something that tugs on those heart strings, please do check out the post. I've linked in direct in my profile.
Photo @vairdy_photography #onemoredayMFxAH
  • This little side kick was such a champ hanging out with me and multiple buckets of tulips at Refresh Market today. We didn't sell as many as we hoped so looks like we are going to have a very tulipy house this week 🌷🌷🌷
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