5 DIY’s to Help You Host a Styled Charcuterie Party

5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We’ve decked our walls with wreaths and filled our table with cheer, all to bring together these 5 DIY’s to help you host a styled charcuterie party!

A few friends and I decided to get together and share some of our talents in order to pull of this styled look. My number one tip when planning a party, is to never do it all by yourself. It’s always more work then you expect and there’s no sense in getting stressed out because then you really won’t be able to enjoy it like you should.

Photography: Julie Christine Photography

5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party

Julie of Julie Christine Blog, Chalie of Goldn Grasses and Keisha from Loving Littles Blog all contributed either a DIY or a recipe that you can find linked below.

We also had the pleasure of including some items from local shops that were involved in the Shop & Talk Market that I just hosted at HighStreet. As well as featured wooden tableware from Yes Chef, Abbotsford based curated Kitchen ware and gift store.

Grimms Foods being one of our main sponsored not only supplied food for this photoshoot, but also contributed to our media night and is planning to also donate heaps of food directly to The Abbotsford Foodbank as well. Thank you Grimms!

This year has been so amazing, thank you to all your readers, and it’s such a joy to style these posts and inspire you to get creative in your own homes. Always feel free to share.

DIY Styled Charcuterie Party Highlights:

5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party
5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party
5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party

5 Simple Christmas DIY’s 


This DIY was created by Julie, you can head to her blog for the recipe and details on how she put it together and download the printable for the top of the jars. The perfect little gift for party guests to enjoy after the party is over.


5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party


These wreaths were handmade by my mother-in-law. I fell in love with them one day when I saw them at her house and she graciously let me use them. She created the wreaths from grape vines in her garden and wrapped them around a wooden board with nails that form a circle. Weaving in and out, around and around each of these wreaths were made earlier in the year and left to dry to create the most beautiful hand woven rings.

I got greenery from a local florist and weaved the branches along half of the wreath to create a crescent. I adore the way they turned out and though a little tedious, they have held together so well as the greens have dried and maintained their form.

5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party


I created this recipe for a recent post with SodaStream. It is absolutely delicious, we couldn’t resist have a glass or two during our afternoon charcuterie.

I share the recipe over on this Instagram post (coming soon), and do think you should take a peak. The Lemon Ginger mix was from YesChef.ca too!


5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party
5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party


Keisha shared this recipe a few weeks ago and I remember thinking about how delicious it looked and I wanted to try it. I couldn’t resist adding her recipe to this list of holiday DIY’s and what you could bring to your next charcuterie styled party. Make sure to give it a look, not what you are expecting as ingredients I’m sure! 


5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party
5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party


Chalie brought over some of her recently painted artwork and silk garland that she had put together for an upcoming workshop. It was heavily requested that she host a workshop and she just held her first one.

I adore her work and think that it looks absolutely stunning within our holiday decor. If you are local make sure to check out her page and join an upcoming workshop to get creative with her.


5 DIY's to Help You Host a Charcuterie Christmas Party | Photo by Julie Christine Photography

I hope this post has inspired you with a number of DIY Christmas Decor Ideas for your next styled charcuterie party. There’s lots of charcuterie ideas out there, Enjoy!




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