How to Make an Affogato | Easy Coffee Dessert Recipe

How to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipe
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This coffee dessert recipe post is sponsored by Nespresso. We have teamed up to share this “How to Make an Affogato”  in just a few easy steps. All views and opinions are always my own.

If you follow me on Instagram you are well aware of my love for my Nespresso machine. My husband and I often pack up our Essenza mini for holidays so that we can enjoy delicious, easy to make esspressos and lattes on the road, while our VertuoPlus is our go to for making our favorite coffee drinks at home. It doesn’t take long to get used to the ease of making drinks in the morning that’s for sure. Today I am super excited to share with you how to make an affogato, one of the best coffee flavoured desserts.

How to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipe

Just a few easy steps and you will be on your way to discovering one of  your new favourite coffee dessert recipes.

A few years ago I was introduced to affogato’s from a local coffee shop that my friend worked at. She highly recommended that I tried it, knowing very well that I’d love it.

At the time we didn’t own our Nespresso so it was aways something that I would treat myself to on occasion at this local coffee shop. Recently, while browsing Nespresso’s website for new recipes for coffee drinks to try I came across their Coconut Icecream Affogato Recipe  — thinking “Why the heck have I not thought to make an Affogato with my Nespresso yet?!”

Nespresso recently launched their Limited Edition Italian Inspired Iced Coffees, which I felt would pair perfectly with this affogato recipe. Both flavours, Salentina and Ispirazione
Shakerato, are available on both the Original and VertuoPlus systems and designed to be enjoyed over ice — or in this case, icecream! Perfect for us as we can enjoy on vacation with our Essenza Mini or at home with our VertuoPlus. You can choose, Ispirazione Salentina with it’s smooth and bold yet balanced or go for the powerful Ispirazione Shakerato
dark cocoa aromas.

Let’s get to it shall we, who’s just drooling over the though of this easy coffee dessert recipe — “I am, I am!”

How to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipe with Nespresso Iced Coffee CapsulesHow to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipeHow to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipeHow to Make an Affogato | Easy Coffee Dessert Recipe using a nespresso

How to Make an Affogato | The Best Coffee Dessert Recipe

Ingredients // Makes One Serving

  • 1 Iced Coffee Nespresso Capsule
  • 2 scoops of Ice cream (I used Chocolate Macaroon, which paired so perfectly with it’s chocolatey coconut flavours)
  • Chocolate Garnish


  1. Chill Espresso Glass

  2. Scoop out two scoops of icecream
    How to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipe using a Nespresso

    How to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipe using a Nespresso

  3. Place espresso glass filled with icecream directly underneath Nespresso machine

  4. Brew iced coffee capsule on top of your icrecream

    How to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipe using a Nespresso

    How to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipe

  5. Garnish with chocolate (nuts or shaved coconut would also make great garnishes)

  6. Grab a spoon and enjoy!

    How to Make an Affogato | Easy steps for making this coffee dessert recipe

  7. Recycle your Capsule, Nespresso capsules are made of aluminum and are infinitely recyclable. 

Having a Nespresso makes creating coffees, espressos, lattes and all types of coffee recipes a breeze. It takes only a minute to brew your drink and you are ready to enjoy your fresh coffee in the comfort of your home. Find out more about Nespresso by visiting their website and find more recipes for coffee drinks there too!


Nespresso now offers recycling solutions in all provinces and territories. If you live in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, the territories and Atlantic Canada, you can recycle your used capsules by sending them through the mail using the Red Bag at no additional cost! If you live in Vancouver, use the Green Bag and place it in your recycling bin. So easy!

You can easiliy go to the Recycling Section on their website, enter where you live and you will be instructed of how to recycle your capsules from where you live too!




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