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You know when you have a “really good idea” but you really aren’t that sure about how that idea is going to play out. That’s how I felt about these kitty cat ears. I wanted to create something cute and simple to add to the theme of my daughter’s birthday party. It ended up not only working out perfectly for the DIY but the kids loved wearing the ears as well! Read on to learn how to make kitty cat ears for your next party.

With the addition of the ribbon instead of a plastic headband (which was an original idea) I think that it allowed the kids to wear the ears without even really feeling them on their head. If you are wanting to create some for yourself or for your kids follow the instructions below on how to DIY kitty cat ears.


How to Make Kitty Cat Ears | Easy DIY | Craft at Home | For the Kids
Photo: Julie Christine Photography

How to Make Kitty Cat Ears

What you Need:

  • Felt Sheets (dollar store find)
  • Black (or whichever color) ribbon about an inch in width
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. Start by prepping all of your materials. Set everything out; felt sheets, pipe cleaners and ribbon. I started with the ribbon first and determined the length that I wanted each headband by doing a practice run on my daughter’s head circumference. Cut that length out and then use as a guide for the amount of other headbands that you need to make. I suggest doing a couple extras just in case.
  2. Next I cut out triangles in the felt sheets. Make them about twice as big in size then you actually want them to appear on the headband as the bottom half will be folded over later making them appear much smaller.
    How to Make Kitty Cat Ears | Easy DIY | Craft at Home | For the Kids
  3. Measure the full length of both sides of the ears and cute the pipe cleaner to that length. A good example is that two sides of my triangles made up half of a pipe cleaner. This made it easier for me to cute as I could just fold the pipe cleaner in half. I could also use both ends of the pipe cleaner and not waste little bits.
  4. Time to start assembling. Take all your pipe cleaners you cut and fold them each in half. The folded part will be the tip of your ear.
    How to Make Kitty Cat Ears | Easy DIY | Craft at Home | For the Kids
  5. Use the hot glue gun and glue along the outside of your cat ears. A good method is to place the tip (folded part) onto the ear first and then push downward from the tip to align.
  6. Repeat this until all black triangles have two sides glued with pipecleaners.
    How to Make Kitty Cat Ears | Easy DIY | Craft at Home | For the Kids
  7. Fold down a cm from the bottom of your triangles so that the ears can prop upright. This is the part that will be glued to the ribbon. Do this to all pieces before glueing.
  8. Apply hot glue to the flap of the ear and hold firmly down only the (almost middle) of the ribbon. You want it just to the left and right of the middle so that the ears end up being centred once done.
  9. And there you have it, you just learned how to make kitty cat ears.
    *Tip: The ribbon does tend to be a bit slippery on top of hair. I suggest glueing a small strip of felt onto the ribbon that would touch the top of the head to allow them to stay in place for longer when being worn.
    How to Make Kitty Cat Ears | Easy DIY | Craft at Home | For the Kids

I would love to hear if you used the DIY for a party of your own or what else you think you might use it for. Halloween costume perhaps?! I think I dressed up as a black cat when I was younger a number of years in a row, and I don’t think that ever gets old.

Love the DIY and want to save it for another day. Save the image below to Pinterest. Thanks!

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How to Make Kitty Cat Ears | Easy DIY | Craft at Home | For the Kids




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