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Backyard Scavenger Hunt Free Printable | Perfect for birthday partys, events or everyday.
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Looking for something fun and easy to do with your kids? I created this forest themed backyard scavenger hunt for my daughter’s FOURest birthday party and it was a hit! I mean you guys, I thought it would be fun, but never did I think I could easy have kids opt in to play! It was such a success that it was without a doubt something I wanted to offer to all of you as a free printable. Just click the link below, download and print.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt Free Printable | Perfect for birthday partys, events or everyday.Free Printable: Woodland Forest Backyard Scavenger Hunt for KidsFree Printable: Woodland Forest Backyard Scavenger Hunt for KidsFree Printable: Woodland Forest Backyard Scavenger Hunt for Kids


This game would be perfect to add into a birthday party or kids event. It was also mentioned at the party that it would be great to have laminated and play you kids anytime, anywhere. What a great idea hey! (Thanks Discovering Parenthood for that thought!) After seeing how much my kids liked it, it had me thinking about different scavenger hunts I could do.

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We gathered the kids together and then set them loose around the yard to collect. Some of the younger kids needed a bit of help, but most could go off the images. I also saw a great idea is to give the kids a pen and have them practice writing the words too. Great for older kids!

Free Printable: Woodland Forest Backyard Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Free Printable: Woodland Forest Backyard Scavenger Hunt for Kids


Kids Backyard Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

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    Backyard Scavenger Hunt Free Printable





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