Mother’s Day Gift Box | Flower Crown & Mama Cookies

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Mothers Day Gift Box Idea | Flower Crown and Mama Sugar Cookie
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The Mother’s Day gift box that keeps on giving. All wrapped up with a pretty bow these Mother’s Day gift boxes contain a little something sweet & give back to a great cause. The girls from Ever Red Fresh Designs and The Cake Mama have curated the perfect little gift box for the mama’s in our lives.

Mother's Day Gift Box Idea | Flower Crown and Mama Sugar CookieMother's Day Gift Box Idea | Flower Crown and Mama Sugar Cookie

Being a mama has brought so much joy to my life. Joy that I wouldn’t have even known existed until becoming a mama. Celebrating Mother’s Day and all the mama’s within my community is so rewarding. Everyone should be recognized for the work they do as a Mother and know that it doesn’t go unnoticed. These gift boxes are made to make mama’s feel special and elegant with the touch of the fresh floral crown, while reminding us to treat ourselves with the delicious “mama” sugar cookies.

Mother's Day Gift Box Idea | Flower Crown and Mama Sugar CookieMother's Day Gift Box Idea | Flower Crown and Mama Sugar Cookie

Mother’s Day Gift Box Includes:

  • One fresh floral crown created by Ever Red Fresh Designs
  • Half a dozen “mama” cookies created by The Cake Mama

Mother's Day Gift Box Idea | Flower Crown and Mama Sugar Cookie

Gift That Gives Back

With every purchase of a Mother’s Day Gift Box partial proceeds will be donated benefitting The Cause We Care Foundation. The Cause We Case foundation assists local mothers and their children in need. Both Nicole, Ever Red Fresh Designs, and Jzabela, The Cake Mama, are so excited to support this local foundation and donate in honour of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Box Idea | Flower Crown and Mama Sugar Cookie

Purchase a Mother’s Day Gift Box

Pre-orders go live on April 18, 2017. Click here for pre-orders and more information.

*The cost for a gift box is $65.

It’s a good thing that the boxes come with half a dozen cookies. We all know how our kids like to dive in!

Mother's Day Gift Box Idea | Flower Crown and Mama Sugar Cookie




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