Rustic Fall Maternity Session


When Jessica reached out to me to take her maternity photos I was both extremely flattered and also pretty nervous. Photography has always been a hobby of mine that I pursue through my blog. I have been asked before if I am a photographer and usually I just giggled and brushed it off. Today I am thinking that it could possibly become more than just a hobby for my blog, as I enjoyed scouting out the location, finding the best lighting and getting to know Jessica and Geoff better as a couple.

These two beauties are expecting their first little bundle of love very soon. I have known Jessica for a number of years, as we worked together serving at a restaurant. Jessica always made me laugh, she was someone I could go to when I was both excited and had a funny story to tell or sad and frustrated. Having the pleasure to capture the love these to have and the little baby belly that Jessica very stunningly carries was such a highlight.

Hair: Mauve Hair Design | Photography: Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

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  • When I started working out around the house more Ezra asked me, “Why are you doing those exercises all the time now?” and I responded by saying, “Because I want to be stronger.” That’s what inspired this photo and my “strong” pose.
For the next couple of months, I have partnered with @planetfitnessca and will be sharing more about what I am doing to take care of myself and bring those home workouts to the gym while I check out their Abbotsford location.

P.S. did you know that a PF Black Card membership allows you to bring a friend for a free workout every time you go in?? Comment below if you want to be
my friend and join me! #seriously
Photo by @juliechristinephotography #sponsored #planetfitness #LifewithPF #abbotsford
  • Don’t be fooled by our matching outfits and their cute faces, the majority of my photos looked like photo two and three.
  • We’ve been under the weather (mainly the kids 🤒 ) for what seems like forrrreverrrr!! We bundled up anyways and took in some of this ❄️ snow and even though it’s cold AF and our 🐕 puppy might be the biggest wimp of all it was definitely worth it.
  • I like pink drinks and I can not lie. ⠀
I also love my SodaStream! I am so excited to share that I'll be creating more deliciousness with @sodastreamcanada this year as they asked me to join their #streamteam for the second year. Last year I learnt so much about how they are changing the world with bubbles, reducing waste and turning so many pop drinkers into sparkling water lovers. Best part is, you use tap water from your home so whenever you want to make bubbly water (as my kids say) it's so easy! #partner⠀

Italian Soda Recipe
- Sparkling Water⠀
- Soda Stream water flavours Raspberry & Cranberry⠀
- Half & Half⠀
- Whipcream⠀
- Strawberries⠀

Mix 2/3 glass of sparkling water and flavoured water and then fill with half & half. Top with whip cream. If you are feeling fancy cut a strawberry in the shape of a heart and garnish away. So easy and so good!⠀
Photo by @juliechristinephotography #irishsoda #sipoftheday #diy #recipe #drinkrecipe #fromwhereisip #drinkoftheday #theweekoninstagram #valentinesday #valentinesdiy #valentinesparty #partydecor #ohitsperfect #karaspartyideas #mixology #drinkstagram #sodastream #streamteam
  • Would it be weird if I said we drove around specifically looking for this door? #thatpinkdoor #butnot
  • #AD Our TV is usually set up in our garage's man cave but during the winter months it makes its way into the living room. We love having cozy family movie nights and enjoying some Orville Redenbacher Extra Buttery popcorn. It's butter-ly delicious! Bonus: it's made with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. What's your favourite family movie right now? @orvillecanada #originalpopcorn #OrvilleCanada Photo: @juliechristinephotography
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