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Merry Christmas to us and maybe an EXTRA Happy Valentine’s Day for you! Just before Christmas I received a package in the mail that contained something special for both James and myself. We were both in awe of the contents and have never owned such beautifully crafted watches before. These watches by JORD are absolutely stunning.

At Christmas I created a gift guide for Men and I had so much fun exploring new brands and discovering new unique products that I thought my man, and men a like would enjoy. I feel as much as the JORD watches made a wonderful Christmas gift it would also be a pleasant Valentine’s surprise for your man (or woman). The look on their faces when they open one of these wood boxes to find a crafted wood watch makes it even more worth it!

To say it simply, a watch that arrives on a pillow is pretty extraordinary don’t you think?




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  • Pretty sure I’m going to be getting my eyebrows microbladed next month. Been wanting to do this since I was pregnant with Evelyn, would love to hear your thoughts on it below 👇🏻👇🏻
  • Winter days that remind me of summer are my favourite.
  • As the weather gets nicer I am planning on getting out more and more with these two, side by side in our @bugaboostrollers. I found trying to go for walks for exercise with Sophie out of a stroller doesn’t amount for much exercise. It included a lot of rock discovering, bench sitting and flower sniffing.
What are some ways you plan to increase exercise this year?
#ad #bugaboofamily #squadgoals Photo @juliechristinephotography
  • One of these teddies is not like the other ones.
  • Those lights were put up with the holiday decor, but they haven’t found their way down yet. Thinking they might have moved in for good 😆
  • Ezra has been gone for the past few days (almost a full week). It’s been so strange not having him around and the girls (and us of course) miss him so so much! Sophie’s asked me everyday when he’ll be back (his Mom took him to Disneyland for his birthday, lucky guy!). Tomorrow is back to routine and smothering Ezra in all the birthday love cause he’s coming back a 9 year old! 🎉 🎂
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