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eating watermelon outside in a teepee wearing Kewe Clothing headband
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When I browse online for decorative inspiration, I notice I am attracted to a common theme within children’s spaces. In this space there is usually an area of shelter or personal space that the child can call their own. Unfortunately, these spaces are often not practical or affordable to do in my own home. When I came across TeepeeTot I knew that Jiao’s creations would be a perfect fit for any area in our home and something my children would enjoy.

One thing that I love about our tee pee from TeepeeTot is that they are so easy to transport from one area to the next. Recently, I packed it up and spent the day at my sister’s house, where we got to take some photos of our kids enjoying the Tee Pee together in her family room. I posted some photos of thatlittle photoshoot collab on the blog last month.

Today, I placed our tee pee for a watermelon picnic with my daughter. I was able to snatch a few photos of her eating the watermelon and enjoying the space before it got a little messy. (I don’t recommend watermelon and white). Bringing our TeepeeTot Tee Pee outside was a great idea! I can’t wait to use it again on a hot day to provide shade and a place to relax. I am looking forward to more sunny days this summer with picnics and Tee Pees.

TeepeeTot is a handmade business based out of Vancouver, B.C. Jiao is a hard working wife and momma creating new designs all the time with multiple different fabric designs. I have very much enjoyed working with her and getting to know her hardworking and gentle personality. If you have any ideas of a possible custom creation, Jiao is happy to work with you and create whatever you have envisioned.

Cute leggings and rain boots for fall on little girl with watermelon

Kid’s Play Teepee: TeepeeTot | Leggings: Fancy Frogz | Headband : Kewe Clothing | Necklace: Coral and Cloud

Outdoor picnic with a Tee Pee and watermelon

Kid’s Play Teepee: TeepeeTot | Leggings: Fancy Frogz | Headband: Kewe Clothing | Necklace: Coral and Cloud

Kids outdoor picnic with watermelon and a tee pee

Kid’s Play Teepee: TeepeeTot | Leggings: Fancy Frogz | Headband: Kewe Clothing | Necklace: Coral and Cloud

TeepeeTot Picnic with coral and cloud and fancyfrogz shop

Kid’s Play Teepee: TeepeeTot | Leggings: Fancy Frogz | Headband: Kewe Clothing | Necklace: Coral and Cloud




  • You guysssss I’m getting my eyebrows done today and am honestly SO excited! I shared that I was thinking about it about a month ago and the fact that so many of you recommended @emilyjudith_beauty made all the nerves go away! Watch my stories as I’m showing the no makeup straight up au natural me getting them done. Send me your questions or comments too, below or in direct message. Eeek! Going to go back to waiting for the numming cream to do it’s magic.
Photo from camera roll (not today 😉)
  • On the weekend Ezra and I created this marshmallow Catapult (talk about kid dreams coming true)! It was so hilarious watching the kids shoot marshmallows at each other. Swipe right to see some action shots I got of Sophie trying to catch them with her mouth. Would your kids be just as keen to try to catch flying marshmallows?
I’m sharing how to make the catapult on the blog today [ link in profile ] and where you can find this @guinnessworldrecords Science & Stuff book (which includes 10 different experiments!)
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  • Looking better than I feel today.
Had so much fun celebrating the big 30 for James (and our friend Jared) last night.
Shirt @shophunnis | #hunnistyle #dailyhivestyle #lifegivingsquares #thefraservalley #vancouverblogger
  • But First Love. If there’s one thing that can help make each day better it’s love.
I had tears in my eyes this morning as I read through the news article listing the victims from the Florida school shooting. I just can’t imagine. Those families, friends, coworkers, everyone. We are all affected by what happens around us within the world. Sending so much love to all today especially.
  • That belly just couldn’t help but poke out and get some crisp fresh air.
Photo @juliechristinephotography | Toque @wild.child.designs [ check two posts back to enter to W I N a mommy and me set.]
  • Hoping your Valentine’s day is filled with lots of pretty little details.
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