Since Finding Out I Needed Glasses

Since Finding Out I Need Glasses | Blue Light Lenses, Contact Lenses and Transition Lenses
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Six months pregnant with Sophie and I started to realize that I could no longer read the TV guide as clearly as I once used to. Not admitting to myself that I might have vision difficulties I assumed our TV was just getting older and the screen was harder to read. Welp, it continued to get harder to read and easier for me to realized that my eyesight was changing.

It wasn’t until going into see an eye specialist that I discovered how common it is for pregnant woman to loose their eyesight quickly throughout pregnancy. Just another one of “the joys of pregnancy” right there, ha!

I was surprised, but not all that bothered. For the first couple years I wore the same style of glasses that I got the day I found out I needed them. I didn’t do much to discover what was best for my lifestyle and nor was I explained at the time the differences in styles, frames, lenses, etc and how different ones would benefit the lifestyle that I lead.

Since Finding Out I Need Glasses | Blue Light Lenses, Contact Lenses and Transition Lenses

Photos by Julie Christine Photography | This post is sponsored by IRIS. All views and opinions are my own.

Let’s fast forward to now. Over five years later and I have a collection of glasses, all for multiple different uses that align with different aspects of my lifestyle and hobbies. I’ve built a relationship with the staff at IRIS in Abbotsford and each time I go in I know that I can trust their suggestions and recommendations. I’m about five pairs in (all still in great condition) plus been fitted for daily contacts as well.

With this experience and my range of hobbies and interests I wanted to share about some of the styles I have more recently tried and how they may be something you might be interested in learning more about too.

Since Finding Out I Need Glasses | Blue Light Lenses, Contact Lenses and Transition Lenses

Blue Light Lenses: The second pair of glasses that I purchased from IRIS were blue light protected. After discussing how much time I spend working from home on my computer with blog and graphic design work and filling out my IRIS profile it was very clear that these would be important to have. I don’t wear these frames all the time, but I do wear them when working, especially later at night.

Daily Contact Lenses: After starting to play sports again I knew I needed something. I played for half a season without my glasses and let’s just say it added a new level of difficulty. Daily contacts were the right choice for me as I prefer wearing frames throughout the day and then contacts during game days. If I decided to start wearing my contact lenses more then I would look into getting contacts that would last a longer duration as they would be much more cost effective for that lifestyle.

Transition Lenses: My most recent purchase from IRIS Abbotsford are my Tiffany & Co. transition lenses. I’m not going to lie, they have taken some getting used to and I wasn’t too sure how much I liked them at first, the whole concept is just a little mind blowing to me. Lenses that are clear but also sunglasses, within a few minutes.

I took some time and consideration on these as they are a larger price point but what it came down to was ultimately my uber busy lifestyle. What I needed for everyday. As we are stepping into summer and I have all the kids at home it was just one less thing I needed to think about, with these frames and transition lenses I don’t need to carry around two sets of frames. We can be out all day, go from outside to inside, back outside and I don’t need to think twice about what sunglasses I’m wearing and juggling my kids in my hands to get the right glasses on my face.

Since Finding Out I Need Glasses | Blue Light Lenses, Contact Lenses and Transition Lenses

It’s amazing what options are out there for frames and lenses. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to build a trusting relationship with the staff at IRIS, knowing that each time I go in with questions and share bits about my lifestyle they can share products that are perfect for me. I’d say I’ve come a long way since finding out I first needed glasses.




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