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Diaper Bag, Teething Necklace and Milk Bath perfect for Mom and baby

Products that are just as valuable to momma as they are for baby are truly a win win. I don’t often shop for myself so when I find something that I love to use that is also helpful for my little ones it is a good day! Today I am sharing three practical everyday products that you will also have a chance at winning for yourself!

Diaper Bag, Teething Necklace and Milk Bath perfect for Mom and baby

One lucky winner will take home the new spring Florence design from Mama Gems, a bag of Luxury Coconut Milk & Oat Bath from Bebe de Luxe and a “le diaper” bag from Mitera Collection.

Mama Gem functional teething Jewelry

Mama Gems offers functional jewelry for women, that also doubles as teething jewelry. My babes aren’t teething anymore and I wear my mama gems frequently! I love the style and functionality as well as don’t worry when Sophie tugs on it as I know the quality is meant for those little ones to be aggressive with it.

bebe de Luxe Coconut Milk and Oat bath safe for babies

Bebe de Luxe, yes please! If you haven’t heard of this handmade Coconut Milk & Oat Bath soak you and your babe are missing out. The edible creation keeps mommas at ease when bathing their littlest ones, if your kids are anything like mine they like to taste the bath water every now and again!

White and Black Diaper Bag Leatcher Clutch by Mitera Collection

White and Black Diaper Bag Leatcher Clutch by Mitera Collection

Hello gorgeous leather bag for diapers and wipes, the “le diaper” bag by Mitera Collection lets you carry your diapers around in style in a chic and classy white and black clutch. Does anyone else dig to the depths of their diaper bag to find a crunched up diaper? This bag helps to keep your bottomless diaper bag organized and the diapers free from granola bar crumbs.

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  • Hands up who is excited for Christmas?! We celebrating today on the blog with a curated Holiday Lookbook. Myself and @juliechristinephotography put so much time and love into this and I’m so excited to share! There might also be a $100 giveaway there too 😉 Enjoy!
  • Halfway through the week and thinking someone can just go ahead and start feeding me coffee.
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  • I’ve been trying to convince James that he needs his own “blog” Instagram account since he might be getting just a little bit more involved by the new year (starting with our holiday guide). I’ve almost got him convinced, it’s just choosing the handle that is the hard part. 😂 taking suggestions 👇🏻👇🏻 comment below something witty below... Keep in mind he has already declined “joyfuljames” (A little background of where CW & JW comes from, it’s mine and James’ initials)
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  • Today’s slow moving, cozy feeling Saturday was just what I needed. Currently in bed with Sophie asleep beside me wondering if I should go to sleep or get my butt up and get some work done... decision decisions.
  • Have you heard the saying, "The Days are Long, but the Years are Short." Whelp, who's ready for the days to feel even longer with this cold draft called winter that just rolled in. I always find the days seem even longer when they are spent inside. With knowing that you are going to be spending more time inside it is important to think about the quality of air that you and your kids are breathing in. Fun Fact: Did you know that the air quality inside your home may be 5X worse than the air quality outside. Say What!? We've been improving our indoor air quality and warming up our bodies with the new Dyson Cool + Hot Link Air Purifier. Sharing more about this product (and why my Mom keeps saying she wants it for Christmas) on the blog. Click profile link.
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