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November 10, 2017

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Does anyone else have the constant struggle of always feeling too hot or too cold? For me I am usually cold and for my husband, he’s often too hot. Well, I am happy to share that I have found something that is helping to solve our problems. Not only that, it is doing way more than solving the too hot, too cold problems, it is also helping improve the air quality in our home. Meet our new household favorite, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier.

Product Review: Dyson Hot and Cool Link Air PurifierProduct Review: Dyson Hot and Cool Link Air Purifier

This post is written in partnership with Dyson. Please note that all views and opinions are always my own. Product reviews are selectively chosen when we have a strong feeling they will fit well into our current lifestyle.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we. When the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool arrived in the mail it was delivered to our neighbours house (we have the same address). They didn’t see a name on the box and opened it up. When they realized they hadn’t ordered it they asked if it was ours. Sure enough I said yes and we grabbed it off them. During this exchange they mentioned how awesome they thought it looked. Immediately interested in the product I was convinced that so many more of you would be interested as well.

I have never used an air purifier before, but I have used a portable heater. You know those super unattractive clunky pieces of metal that only ever seem to heat up one part of your leg. Rest assured, this is nothing like that. Not even comparable.

Now since I’d never used an air purifier in my home before, my knowledge of them was rather… lacking. However, since receiving it and reviewing benefits I discovered some surprising information. Pollution can be up to 5x worse inside your home. But you can’t always see it. Yah, gross right?! Thankful to be getting a helping hand to get that under control in our home.

With that said, there are lots more features and benefits of the Dyson Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier, see what stands out the most to me below.

Features & Benefits: Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link Air Purifier

  • Timeless and modern design:

    You don’t have to hide it away when company comes over, it actually becomes a conversation piece.

  • Great for families:

    Perfect for families with kids who suffer from asthma and allergies. The hot + cool functions mean that no matter the weather, you can purify all year long!​

    Product Review: Dyson Hot and Cool Link Air Purifier

  • Purifies Your Air:

    You can easily transport from room to room to test and improve air quality with the hot + cool air purifier. The air purifier capturing gases, removing 99.97 per cent of allergens and pollutants down to 0.3 microns.

  • Multiple air flow options:

    Choose oscillation, diffused and focused air flow options with the ability to change the air flow speed as well. This allows the heat to be covering a wide range (whole room) or a direct target (one person). You can also tilt the body of the Dyson forward or back for a more specific air flow option.

    Product Review: Dyson Hot and Cool Link Air Purifier

  • App Connection Ability:

    Dyson has created the Dyson Link app that allows you to control your Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier from your phone. You can easily set a scheduled time frame for automatic heating or cooling for any/every day of the week.

Product Review: Dyson Hot and Cool Link Air PurifierProduct Review: Dyson Hot and Cool Link Air Purifier

Those are just a few of my favorite benefits, I am sure after more uses I will discover more. My current plan, set it up in my bedroom and create a weekly schedule so that the Dyson Hot + Cool Link starts to heat up my room right around the time that I wake up in the morning. I have the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning when it is cool and this gust of winter weather isn’t helping. Don’t have to worry about that anymore, time to start the day positive feeling warm and cozy even in the winter.

Famous last line: I’ll add that to my Christmas list (or the what to get Mom and Dad cause, let’s be honest, they are always the hardest). Shop Here.


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  1. Britt | Alternatively Speaking

    November 11th, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    This sounds like a great product! I have been considering a new air purifier with the pups around the house but there are so many options!
    Britt |

  2. creativewifeandjoyfulworker

    November 11th, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    For sure check this one out in person and see how you like it at a store, for us you can’t beat the multi-function of hot, cool and pure air.

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