When the Weather Outside is Frightful

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion
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Holy Moly, it has been a cold week (yes all you up North folk I am complaining about the -5’s with wind). I don’t do good in the cold, not one bit. At home I almost always have a blanket on me.. sometimes two.. like how our bed currently has not one but two duvet quilts on it, that’s all for me. So it’s late.. and I am kind of just talking about nothing but I wanted to write about something personal but all I can think about is how cold my toes are. That being said I am going to change the subject and just share some random thoughts I have been having. Let’s say.. five. Five random thoughts that have been floating around my head.

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion

1. I have been thinking a lot about the new year. Whether or not to make a resolution or to just start implementing new lifestyle choices slowly, but surely. I don’t want to say, “I am going to exercise two days a week” and then never go. Exercise and eating healthy are important to me but it is something that was dropped when I started to get “so busy”. So I need a plan, a plan to keep up with the everyday busy busy but also eat better and add in some exercise.

2. Lately I have been saying no a lot. It feels good. I am 100% a yes person, I love being involved in things, being present, meeting new people and gaining new experiences. Lately though, saying no has felt so good. I am starting to accept that though I want to “do it all” it is perfectly ok not to. Better yet, it is so much more enjoyable to stop doing and rest. I still think I am trying to do too much but I am so proud of the amount of less I am doing overall.

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion

3. More thoughts on the New Year. I want to create a consistent schedule with posts. I want to share more about me and more about faith. Maybe this could be the start of something new, my random thoughts Friday… might need to work on a more clever name but I think we are onto something here.

4. My pelvis is almost completely healed. Something I haven’t talked about at all anywhere on my feed or blog is how much pain I was in after just having Evelyn. For three months I waited to go to the chiropractor. It was painful to sit down, I had nights with nearly no sleep, laying in discomfort, and then finally my sister convinced me (literally forced me to phone) to book a chiropractor appointment. After going for my first appointment we discovered that my pelvis was hugely rotated which causes large amounts of pain. I still have a bit of pain but it is 99% better. If you are reading this and dealing with pain in your body, get help. Seriously, don’t wait and think it will go away, just go get help. now.

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion

5. Hair loss right now is at an ultimate high. I remember loosing a lot of hair with Sophie around three months, but I don’t remember when it ended. I have been loosing so much with Evelyn as my hormones adjust and go through all the crazy postpartum things they do. Hopefully it stops falling out soon, otherwise we might have a pretty thin head of hair to style in the coming weeks.

There we have it. Five random things and I am officially ready for bed.

Mother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids FashionMother and Daughter Style | Roma Boots Canada | Mom Style | Kids Fashion

These photos were taken for a recent Instagram collaboration with Roma Boots by E Fraser Photo. I love the boots and the photos so much that I couldn’t not share more. Roma Boots are new to Canada and carry both ladies and children’s styles. Their slogan is “giving poverty the boot” which ties into the fact that they give a pair of boots to a child living in poverty everytime a pair is bought.




  • Excuse the language but...... We fucking did it!! Holy crap. 21.1 Kms you guys. We are pumped!

I had so so many thoughts and doubts going on in my head before and even during this run and I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them. This was a goal of mine (even though I should have trained more, only three 7 km runs leading up 🙊😳) that I now get to put a big check mark on. Heck yah!

James turned into some sort of wizard and passed the finish line at the 1 hour 50 minute mark and I made it over around 2 hours and 45 minutes. We did it babe!!!! #seawheeze #seawheeze2019 #halfmarathon #lululemon #vancouverisawesome
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  • Happy Friday friends. Hoping you all get a chance to grab a drink and find a sweet spot to relax this weekend. I’ll be thinking of you as I complete a half marathon tomorrow 😅😅😅 As we head into the weekend I wanted to give a cheers to some ladies who inspire, encourage and motivate me in this space.

Motivated by @pyurvodkasoda (Power Your Own Unique Reality) they’ve asked who is my #PYURinspiration, so here we go. — @vancitybusinessbabes Danielle, Sydnee and Nancy are a powerhouse team who constantly are encouraging me and so many other ladies in business. I love how they have taken their passion and grown it across Canada and into the US with @businessbabesco — @ilikeherstylevancouver reaches out to me in their early days and have given me the opportunity to share a little piece of my heart continually in their issues as a contributor. Every issue I love how community focused they are, networking up a storm and creating such beautiful content for their community. — @jamprco is a local PR company that I’ve had the pleasure of working with many times and their love for local and community is empowering.

These are just a few bossbabes that inspire me with what they are doing within this local community and on Instagram. I want to challenge you to also share who inspires you, tag them (or a few people) below who are constantly inspiring and encouraging you in business and life. Let’s make some peoples days and share the ❤️❤️❤️
  • I literally LOVE every photo from this recent shoot with @juliechristinephotography so be prepared for more.⁠
Also, this photo was taken to show off the bling bling (one bling for each ring) on my finger. Both these pieces are made from Canadian diamonds and created at the Park Royal @lugarojewellers location.

I’ll share info in my stories tomorrow, let me know if you have any questions below. #ad #cwjwpartner #lugarojewellers
  • Do you ever have those moments in the midst of parenting and you stop for a second and think “this, this is a moment they are going to remember.” It’s usually in those everyday moments, ones we do over and over. The other night, while James was watering the garden and the girls were running around I had that feeling of, “this is their childhood, this is what they will remember.”
  • It’s Friday night and I’m sharing photos on my stories of how @juliechristinephotography captured my butt in these pants. Could be worse I guess 🤣🤣 PS the jeans are the curvy mom jeans from @americaneagle // @shopsevenoaks and I really do love them, except for when my butt gets hungry for them. The end.
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