10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot Springs

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10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot Springs | Harrison Lake

Every time I visit Harrison Hot Springs I always say to myself, “Why don’t I come here more?” It’s not that far away from the valley, has a peaceful atmosphere, and the local places to eat are UNREAL! This summer I am making note to keep Harrison top of mind. The 10 things to do near Harrison Hot Springs that I have listed below will most likely have you asking yourself that same, “Why don’t I come here more?” question.

It had been almost two years since the last time that I stayed overnight at Harrison Hot Springs. We went just before Evelyn was born for a little babymoon (see all about that trip + my baby bump on this post here). During that stay we brought the kids with us, where this stay I was able to enjoy it with a good friend of mine. We were able to relax through meal times, sipping cocktails and taking in the sights of Harrison Hot Springs at a much slower pace.

Photography: Julie Christine Photography | Experience Gifted by: Tourism Harrison & Partnering businesses
Harrison Hot Springs View | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot SpringsHarrison Hot Springs Beach Hotel Room | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

Im often encouraging mamas to ensure they get some time away from their kids. It is so important to rest and restore yourself. I found coming home after this trip that I felt so refreshed. It is so hard to continually be pouring from myself, teaching and encouraging my children when I know that I need to also do those things for myself. With the convenience of Harrison Hot Springs not being too far from The Fraser Valley it’s a great place to be able to get away, without getting away too far.

As I go through the 10 things to do near Harrison Hot Springs make note of what you would like to enjoy. Everything within Harrison Hot Springs is in walking distance of one another and then I’ve also mentioned a few places that you might be interested in stopping at on the way there or home.


10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot Springs

  1. Kilby Historic Site

    When driving into Harrison Hot Springs from The Fraser Valley a great place to stop on your way in or home is the Kilby Historic Site. I have been able to go a few times and most recently we even sat down for lunch. Their property is filled with so much history, you can take a tour through their historic buildings, interact with the livestock and explore all the trinkets in store. Great for families too! Last year when we went it was such a hot day we enjoyed icecream as a family on the lawn while this year myself and Julie grabbed lunch and tea while overlooking their gorgeous back garden. I think the photos speak for themselves though.

    More information: Kilby Historic Site Website

    Kilby Historic Site Restaurant | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot SpringsKilby Historic Site Restaurant | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot SpringsKilby Historic Site Restaurant | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot Springs

  2. Harrison Beach Hotel

    Whenever people ask me about how I like staying at Harrison Beach Hotel the first thing I mention is the beds and the view. We travel around quite a bit and I don’t think I have ever had a hotel bed (and pillows) as comfortable as at Harrison Beach Hotel. The porches are large enough to enjoy a dinner with the family equipped with a little table and a few chairs and your view is remarkable (you don’t have the massive waterpark bouncy castle thing right outside like you would staying further down along the beach).

    Harrison Hot Springs View | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs Beach Hotel View from the Balcony

    You can also enjoy their own hottub and pool, which are both pretty basic but do the trick just fine! You can catch a bit of a view of the mountains still while in the hottub outside and the pool is indoors. We found both to be really quite when we went and enjoyed that alone time with our wine.

    The room that we stayed in this time was equipped with a kitchenette. When travelling this is something that I find so valuable. It’s always nice to be able to buy local groceries while away and be able to cook within your room to avoid eating out too much on longer holidays. Though it might cost a little more when booking, it will for sure save you in restaurant costs later on in your trip.

    More information & Costs: Harrison Beach Hotel Website

    Harrison Hot Springs Beach Hotel Kitchenette | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot SpringsHarrison Hot Springs Beach Hotel Kitchenette | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot SpringsHarrison Hot Springs View | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs Beach Hotel Hottub

  3. Muddy Waters Restaurant

    This was the first place we went and the last place we stopped during our stay in Harrison Hot Springs. I love that they are all about supporting local businesses and using their produce in their daily recipes. From their lattes and baked goods to their large selection of lunch items you really can’t go wrong with anything you choose. I ordered the veggie burger and my plate was clean in minutes. Drooling just thinking about it.

    There is space to enjoy your meal both inside and outside, but keep in mind that it is a popular location!

    Trip Advisor Reviews: Muddy Waters Restaurant

    Lunch at Muddy Waters Cafe | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot SpringsLunch at Muddy Waters Cafe | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

  4. Killer’s Cove Boat Rentals

    A fun way to explore the lake at your leisure is renting a kayak or canoe. We decided to go for about an hour on the water and was able to paddle out over to the river (think calm, not white water haha!) and relaxed to soak in the beautiful nature surrounding us. It is important that you make sure to allow for extra time when going to rent kayaks as they can get super busy and you may end up waiting a decent amount of time before you are able to get out on the water. Before you go you will be given safety instructions on how to manage your boat, how to correct yourself if you happen to flip and other important guidelines. Definitely recommend that you give yourself an extra hour for this process as we did not expect that and waited a decent amount of time before we were able to head out. It’s worth it though!!

    More information: Killer’s Cove Boat Rentals

    Killer Cove Kayak Rentals Harrison Lake | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot Springs

  5. Hike the Spirit Trail

    The sprit trail is a beginner level hike (almost more of a walk) that would also be great to do when arriving or leaving Harrison Hot Springs. Families would especially enjoy this as it is great for all ages and the kids can discover different masks hanging on trees. [1 Km Trail // Est. 30 mins timeframe.]

    More Information: Spirit Trail Starting Point

  6. Black Forest Restaurant

    If you like schnitzel, Black Forest Restaurant is for you! We tried one of their many schnitzel variations as well as French Onion Soup and Ceaser Salad. I also took a peak at the kids menu and feel like they had a great variety for young families. I will 100% be back for the French Onion Soup, I might even go as far as saying it was one of the best I have ever had. Literally lick the bowl at the end kind of good!

    Trip Advisor Reviews (Voted #5 of 24 restaurants in Harrison): Black Forest Restaurant

    Dinner at Black Forest Restaurant | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot SpringsDinner at Black Forest Restaurant | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot SpringsDinner at Black Forest Restaurant | 10 Things to do in Harrison Hot Springs

  7. Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool

    Not to be confused with Harrison Hot Springs Hotel & Resort pools. This is NOT the same thing (we made this mistake and missed out on the public pool!) I didn’t even know there was a public pool until this last time that we visited, Harrison Hot Springs has their own public pool, perfect for all ages. I can’t give much detail on the pool as we didn’t end up making it, but it is somewhere that I would take the kids to discover and see. Keep in mind the pool is indoors, might be worth exploring on a cooler day or if you need a break from the sun.

    Trip Advisor Reviews: Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool

  8. Boat Cruise & Parasailing

    When we were waiting to get our kayak all set up we were stopped by some guys who were setting up their parasailing. Through chatting with them we discovered that they were just getting started for the year and were excited to now offer parasailing through Shoreline Tours. I’ve done boat tours a few times through Shoreline Tours and always loved how well they were organized. Again I haven’t personally done parasailing but added it to the list of things I want to do next time!

    More information: Shoreline Tours Website

  9. Harrison Water Sports Waterpark

    We kayaked right past this waterpark and it looks SO COOL! I have never been on it myself, but everytime I see it I can’t wait until my kids are older so that we can all go bounce around it together… or maybe my husband and I just need to go on our own! I think it would be a blast! The waterpark is fully surrounded by water and has a huge surface area, something so unique from water activities that I have seen anywhere else.

    More information: Harrison Watersports Website

    Water Park on Harrison Lake | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot Springs

  10. Rowena’s Inn on the River & Clubhouse Restaurant

    I personally had to head back a day early so Julie and her husband got to enjoy the beauty of Rowena’s Inn on the River. Also known as Sandpiper Resort, this gorgeous setting is absolutely stunning. I’ve been here a few times for photoshoots, but haven’t had the chance to explore the cottages. With a little tour through the woods we opened up the cottage and discovered the log cabins. You can step off the back porch for beautiful views of the lake or come inside and soak in the largest soaker tub I’ve ever seen.

    Rowena's Inn on the River & Sandpiper Resort Main Building and Pool | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot SpringsRowena's Inn on the River & Sandpiper Resort Log Cottages | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot Springs

    Rowena’s is a short drive from Kilby Historic Site, so scheduling a visit is the perfect way to start a trip to explore Harrison Mills. When I shared the beauty of Rowena’s Inn on my Instagram stories I received so many inquiries about the location and mentions on how gorgeous the landscape, buildings and atmosphere was.

    I would suggest a getaway here with your significant other to really take time to connect and be together. There are no TV’s in the rooms, so bring some board games and wine for a night of connecting over great conversation and laughs. After hearing all about Julie and her husband’s recent stay I have been trying to figure out when my husband and I can sneak away for a night or two to do the same.

    Rowena's Inn on the River & Sandpiper Resort Clubhouse Restaurant | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot SpringsRowena's Inn on the River & Sandpiper Resort Clubhouse Restaurant | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot SpringsRowena's Inn on the River & Sandpiper Resort Clubhouse Restaurant | 10 Things to do Near Harrison Hot Springs

    The Clubhouse Restaurant is on the property which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sandpiper Resort also has a beautiful golf course on the property, making the restaurant a great place for those staying at the resort or those coming up for a day trip to explore and golf. Don’t you agree the space is stunning!

    More information: Rowena’s Inn on the River Website

For more great ideas of things to do in Harrison Hot Springs check out the Tourism Harrison website. Thank you so much to Tourism Harrison for gifting this stay and letting me have the opportunity to share about our experience.




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