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What do you get when you combine 5 bloggers, 8 bloggers kids, and Halloween? A super cute and delicious Halloween party dessert table made up of easy DIY’s for decor and recipes. It was so much fun getting together with our friends and joining forces to put together this dessert party table full of unique ideas and inspiration.

Halloween Themed Party Recipes and DIY Ideas | Decor Inspiration for a Halloween Party

DIY Halloween Dessert Table Ideas & Inspiration

Are you planning a Halloween party of your own, take a tip from us, ask each friend to bring a treat and then style it all together and you have the easiest planning ever! Check out each of the links to the sweet treats for the how-to’s and start your planning before it’s too late! (don’t be like me and finish the morning of the party)
Photography: Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

Halloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table Decor

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Halloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table Decor

Halloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table DecorHalloween Themed Dessert Table Decor

How to easily Decorate a Halloween Table and The Most Delicious Treat Recipes

click the name of the DIY or Recipe for directions
DIY  Spiderweb Balloons: Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

Spooky Marshmallow Ghost Brownies: KEWE Clothing

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes & Cream Cheese Icing: The Cheerio Diaries

Halloween Inspired Marshmallow Pops: The Pampered Baby

Chocolate Peanut Butter Squares: Loving Littles Blog

Easiest Black and White Spider Cake: Creative Wife and Joyful Worker

Table Styling: Creative Wife & Joyful Worker

Black BOO Balloons: With a little spray paint to cover up the silver balloons I created black ‘BOO’ balloons in seconds.

Black & Orange Themed Drink: Use orange pop or orange juice and black liquorice for straws. Cups from a dollar store and bottoms spray painted black.

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I hope you have so much fun planning your next Halloween party. If you use any of these ideas we would love to see how you styled them. Be sure to send an email to show it off.




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