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March 8, 2016

Mom Lifestyle

I have been having a hard time putting this post together, I am not sure why — maybe it’s insecurities or maybe it is the lack of feeling that I have the right words to say. Throughout the day I have read a lot of quotes and encouragement from women encouraging other women through social media and love seeing the positive impact from it, this has lead to me to reflect on motherhood, especially on my role as a mother to a daughter.

Reflecting back on the woman before us, the leaders and the rule breakers, I am also looking at my daughter and how I can raise her to be strong, confident and driven by her own passions today. There are days where I wonder how one could even start to accomplish this and then days where I am very certain that because of the way that I walk through my life she will learn, obtain and grow even stronger. It is about having confidence in ourselves while raising our littles and being conscious that they very very dearly look up to us for that strength and courage.

Everyday is a new day and everyday I am reminding myself of not only the impact that I am making on those around me (whether it be through social media influence or not), but the impact that I am making within my immediate family. Today as a Woman, a Wife, and as a Mother I am looking my hormonal pregnancy insecurities in the face and reminding myself of all of these things.

Mother and Little Style Post photo by m and him photography

Mother and Little Style Post photo by m and him photography

girl style post

Girl Style

Photography: M and Him

A friend of mine wrote a very beautiful post for International Women’s Day that includes more photos from the gorgeous day that these photos were taken. I would encourage you to read her post, she is brillant and shares quotes and inspiration from woman who have made an impact in the world we live in. View International Women’s 2016 written by Tara Teng here.

  1. Tara Teng says:

    Aww, Codi, I love you honesty here. I think we all have moments of feeling “not enough” for our children. But your heart is in the right place and as you keep staying true to that path, you will be exactly the mother than Sophie needs!

    I’m so glad to have met you and look forward to connecting more in the future. xo

  2. Sarah Lipi says:

    You’re so wonderdul Codi! I love this post! I often think about my son growing up very confident and strong! I pray a lot for God to give me wisdom to make it happen. We all have our insecurity moments, but am sure our children will be wonderful leaders in the future because we are in the right path! ❤️

  3. Auntie T says:

    I’ve watched you and read your blog Codi. You are doing a wonderful job raising your daughter (and son) and I’m sure that will spill out to your newborn as well. Keep your eyes on the women of the Word like the Mother of Jesus as examples for your own walk in life. That is also very important for the development of your children to be the people they are meant to be. You’re doing a great job and I know that because of how you think and share your thoughts….be encouraged. I love you.

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