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Benefits of a Wild Child

August 3, 2016

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“Oh she’s a wild one!” This is one of the most common things I hear when people are meeting my daughter for the first time. It doesn’t surprise me, she is wild, but what does surprise me is that some people say it in a negative tone. I love having a wild child, as exhausting as it can be some days, I do love it and I really hope that she stays that way.

Photography: Erica Miller PhotographyW is for Wild Kids Tshirt by The Blue EnvelopeIt is all about embracing our kids and letting them feel free to be who they are. Let’s not tone down the wild child but look at the benefits that come with having a wild one. If you are anything like me, you love the wild ambitious personality and you never want to see it go.

I recently wrote this post as a guest feature on the The Envelope and am sharing a little teaser here.Head over to The Blue Envelope to read the full post and view my 5 Benefits that Come with Having a Wild Child.W is for Wild Kids Tshirt by The Blue Envelope

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  1. My middle child is three and since the get-go we have called her “the passionate one”. Most days she is both sides of the coin. She tries every ounce of my patience and doesn’t respond to any of the tools in my toolbox AND she loves passionately, plays passionately, has a fierce imagination and does it all as she dances with careless abandon. Never a dull moment to be sure!

    • creativewifeandjoyfulworker says:

      I lovet this, thanks for sharing — She sounds like a lovely little wild one for sure! Her passion is going to shine today such beautiful traits as she grows!

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