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June 22, 2017

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Considering that I have grown up my whole life in Canada, I really haven’t explored my own country all that much. I have travelled as far East as Winnipeg, Manitoba and as far North as Prince George, BC. There is a whole lot of ground that I haven’t covered, including so many beautiful and breathtaking Canadian Attractions. I have put together a list of my top 10 Canadian Attractions on my “want to visit” bucket list in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday this year.

Most of the attractions listed you can find a Radisson Hotel and Suites not far away. Be sure to see what they have to offer when planning a trip across Canada as they can help with your planning and map out your trip. Whatever makes travel easier, I say go for it!

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Top 10 Canadian Attractions on my Bucket List

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Top 10 Canadian Attractions on my Bucket List

  1. Niagara Falls

    One place I have been itching to visit for a very long time. This takes the top spot on my bucket list for that reason alone. When I worked with Radisson last year I discovered one of their hotels  (Radisson Hotel and Suites Fallsview) had views of the falls. I thought that that would make a great place to stay while visiting.

  2. Banff National Park & Moraine Lake

    I have only ever driven through Banff (only a handful of times) and never actually explored there. I would love to be able to have time exploring Banff during the winter months when the mountains and lakes are all covered in ice and snow.

  3. Toronto Skyline

    Some might not consider this to be a Canadian attraction per say, but I have been wanting to explore Toronto for what feels like ever. I just might be checking this one off the bucket list later this year though, yes!

  4. Gros Morne National Park

    I looked at pictures here and just imagined what it would be like to hike to the top. I don’t know how possible it would even be but man the view would be incredible. This one if for sure the adventure lovers dream, Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.

  5. Bay of Fundy

    Known for it’s wide range from high tide to low tide the Bay of Fundy got my attention from it’s deep and rich sand colour and curved rock formations. Add this place to your list when visiting the Atlantic Coast.

  6. Point Pelee National Park

    I discovered this national park while visiting the different attractions and historic sites recommended by Radisson. I would love to visit this southernmost point of Canadian mainland in August when it is said to be flooded with Monarch Butterflys.

  7. Granville Island

    This one is already check off my bucket list but it is one of my favorite places in Vancouver. It almost feels like everything slows down once you drive onto Granville Island. I spent a year going to the university (Emily Carr) and loved the chance to explore the shops, visit the market and eat icecream by the water on our breaks. I always have goals of going back when I can.

  8. Canada’s Wonderland

    Ever since Wonderland in my hometown, Abbotsford, BC, had to change it’s name due to Canada’s Wonderland I have wanted to go (this was forever ago). This one is on the bucket list to bring the kids along with because I know they want to go there just as much as I do.

  9. Butchart Gardens

    I may have been over to Vancouver Island a number of times but I have never visited the Butchart Gardens. I have just recently been introduced to these gardens and they look absolutely stunning, a place to visit on our next family trip to Vancouver Island indeed.

  10. Athabasca Falls

    Another breathtaking attraction that I have recently discovered. The views of the crystal blue water looks so refreshing and dare I say it, Instagram worthy.

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Photo: Provided by Radisson

Top 10 Canadian Attractions on my Bucket List

What Canadian attractions are you itching to go see? Have you travelled around much of Canada or is mostly everything new to you?

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  1. Jennpup says:

    I’d never heard of Athabasca Falls – and you are right, it looks Instagram worthy and I’d love to go there! I’d love to win and visit Niagara Falls, too! Great post! Thank you! Jenn Beckett on FB (

  2. Robyn Groen says:

    This is so fun!! Reading and creating travel buckets lists is honestly one of my favourite things to do! You should definitely head to Ontario! As someone who lives in the Toronto area I often take for granted all of the things we have here! I often dream about heading West! So it’s good for me to read your bucket list and appreciate the things I get to see on a regular basis that others have never experienced! I have done #1,3,5,8 and I am actually about to see #4 (Gros Morne Park) in 4 days!!! I can’t wait!! Newfoundland has been on my bucket list for so long and we are finally taking the leap and heading out there!

  3. Robyn Groen says:

    And I forgot to mention….at the top of my Canadian bucket list is definitely doing a Jasper/Banff/Lake Louise trip! Hopefully soon 🙂

  4. nicky marie says:

    Gros Morne National Park is on my list! Would love to see it and the rest of Newfoundland – I hear it’s beautiful.

  5. Jessica Yu says:

    I’m going to have to go with Canada’s Wonderland as my must see bucket list because I think we are all still kids at heart and it would be such a blast to go there and have a day full of thrills and awesome memories! 😉

  6. I want to see the Niagara Falls side of Canada..and go do all the things on that side!

  7. Josh S says:

    Thanks for the chance! I would like to see the Bay of Fundy. Facebook shared (Josh Siemens)

  8. Diane To says:

    I would say Athabasca Falls would be on my bucket list!

  9. kpetrunia says:

    Oooh tough call! I’d love to visit the East Coast, since it’s so different from our here in BC, but there’s so much of Canada I want to see!

  10. Laura Stanford Velazquez says:

    Most definitely Banff National Park & Moraine Lake!

  11. Maria says:

    Banff and Jasper are on my bucket list

  12. Bryn Day says:

    Definitely Banff National Park! Being raised in Ottawa and now living outside Toronto I’ve seen most of the ones you haven’t. ???? Bay of Fundy is a dream, used to camp there every summer! It is a must see!

  13. Samantha says:

    Oh man! All of these sound amazing. But I’d love to take Ry to Canada’s wonderland for a nice family trip.

    Facebook – samantha.lenz.1

  14. I would love to visit Toronto and stay at the Radisson Admiral Hotel Toronto-Harbourfront.

  15. Betty H Spry says:

    On my bucketlist is to go whale watching in Newfoundland and to see the eastern most part of Canada

  16. Vikki Kay says:

    Tossup between Athabasca Falls and Banff National Park.

  17. Vikki Kay says:

    Its a tossup between Athabasca Falls and Banff National Park.

  18. Jeannie Lam says:

    I would have to say Granville Island!!

  19. misselles80 says:

    So many great places to see but if I had to choose just one I think it would be Canada’s Wonderland because my kids would love it! Thanks for the chance to win, I shared on my Facebook page – Lori Lewis.

  20. michelle matta says:

    My friends want to take a road trip with me to Pelee island. Their choice, but sounds great 🙂

  21. Dana Miller says:

    Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland is on my bucket list as a must see. I expect it to be breathtaking.

  22. Nicole Leger says:

    We saw Granville Island, Athabasca Falls, Banff and Moraine Lake last year. Up next, we would love to see Gros Morne National Park. I shared the Facebook post.

  23. Maritess S says:

    The Butchart Gardens and Victoria is in my bucket list. #Canada150❤️ ????????????

  24. I would love to go to any of these! I’ve only been to Niagara Falls, but would love to go back to Canada!

  25. suzi hushen says:

    The Rocky Mountains are on my bucket list!

  26. Gros Morne National Park has been on my bucket list for a long time.

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