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April 8, 2019

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Oh my goodness, I can’t even believe it! Two weeks ago a DM came through my Instagram asking if we were interested in coming to Mexico at the beginning of April. I think my eyes almost jumped right out of my head. How amazing would that be, I thought, a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico. With some pretty pleases from James to get time off work and some rearranging of my work schedule we made it work!

Photos: Julie Christine Photography

Holiday Family Photos

Let’s rewind a bit. At the end of last year I was reflecting on some of my highlights from the year. I was so blessed with a few one year partnerships in 2018, IRIS was one of those amazing and perfect partners. I wrote out some goals for the year, including working with IRIS again, and some long term blog goals, including collaborating with an all inclusive resort. Dream right!

Making goals is so important to me as it allows me to make decisions for our family and my brand while having a look at where I want to see myself going. I’ve been doing this with both business and lifestyle, which has allowed me to focus on a much healthier life choices.

Going for a run with our puppy and child in the Thule jogging stroller

The first few days of all inclusive living we are going to be creating content for Club Med in Cancun, Mexico and then the last few days will be all about relaxing. Roam Travel PR will be capturing our family as we go about the resort and experience everything (literally everything) they have to offer. More blog posts to come on that I am sure!

We’ve packed our bags with lots of neutral colours, had plenty of visits to the store to make sure we have all the essentials, new swimwear for the kids growing bodies and even picked up some new sunglasses from IRIS to make sure that we were all protected from the sun.

I brought in my old pair last week as one of the kids had stepped on them. The frames were bent out of shape and with IRIS’s “No Matter What” guarantee they fixed them within minutes so they were as good as new. I couldn’t resist trying on a few new styles and checking out all the Maui Jim’s they have in stock. I’ll be sharing my favourite sunglass trends for 2019 soon too!

Well, here we are, lounging in Mexico. Taking in the sun rays, hardly believing that I checked off both a one year goal and a five year goal within the first quarter of the year for this blog and wanting to remind you all to dream big. Write out your goals, work smarter not harder and continue to listen to your body to rest when needed. I’m working on that last bit, Mexico is helping.

  1. […] Before we left for Mexico this Spring we went into IRIS to check out their new sunglass styles. I wanted to get a pair that I didn’t have prescription lenses so that I had something to wear when I have my contacts in. My husband was interested in getting a new style and the kids all needed frames with UV protection. I went a couple days before them to find a pair for myself and while I was there asked about what sunglass styles are trending to be the most popular for 2019. […]

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