My Experience With Daily Contact Lenses

My Experience With Daily Contact Lenses

June 1, 2019

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I never would have thought that I would wear contact lenses. Growing up I always loved the look of glasses and told myself that if one day I needed glasses I would always rock them. Whelp, life isn’t always that simple. After wearing and rocking glasses for a couple years I decided to start playing soccer again, and guess what, glasses aren’t really suitable for this.

My Experience With Daily Contact Lenses
My Experience With Daily Contact Lenses

This post is in partnership with IRIS visual group, who are my eye care professionals that I use regularly. All views and opinions are always my own.

Believe it or not I played my first season half blind. I thought that I could see “good enough” and was fine with just not wearing my glasses. It wasn’t until I started talking to other team members that I learnt so many of them wear contacts.

After multiple conversations with a bunch of the girls on my team I decided that daily contact lenses were the best fit for me. I knew that I still loved wearing my glasses, but really did need something for playing sports and exercising. It’s better for my eyes and for everyone else on the team, ha!

My Experience With Daily Contact Lenses

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Naturally I went into IRIS to see what they also thought as they have been so great at helping me. While I feel like I am always bombarded with different ads online of cheap contact lenses I learnt so much at my appointment and realized how important it was to get fitted for my contact lenses. Who knew!?

I booked an appointment with one of the Abbotsford IRIS optometrists and she was able to check the shape of my eye and pair me with the most natural and best suited contact for my eye’s specific needs.

We chatted through why I wanted to get them and how often I would wear them and she also agreed that I should try the daily contact lenses first as I would only be wearing them once a week. Had I been thinking of wearing them more often then I was advised that for the cost of daily contact lenses verses longer terms ones it would be in my best interest to get a longer lasting set.

My Experience With Daily Contact Lenses

I’m so so happy with my decision to get more information on contact lenses, and I think my team is too. My first game out on the field with my contact was a whole new world. I’ve even started wearing them more than just at soccer games and am thinking about switching from daily contact lenses to even monthly. I’ll be asking about more information on those at my next visit. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting daily contact lenses for yourself, I’d highly advise you to go in and see an optometrist. I’ve heard amazing things about IRIS across the globe and of course love my local Abbotsford IRIS so they would be my first choice.

My contact lenses: Acuvue, Moist Lenses

My Experience With Daily Contact Lenses

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  1. Those are the exact contacts I used to wear (before lazic). I tried the long wear ones but found they irritated my eye much more. It’s so important to have an open honest conversation about your eye needs so they can help you find what’s best for you.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Love this article!!

  3. weliveheaven says:

    aaah this article is awesome!! I am using the Hubble contact lenses for the first time and its a bit weird to wear daily lenses cause in the end of the day the lenses are not as effective as they should be hehe <3 I'm thinks to do an article about my the daily lenses too!!! That would be great if you could check my blog out 🙂 <3

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