Back-to-school lunch ideas for kids

5 Things on my Back-to-School Checklist

August 28, 2019

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Every year when I sit down to write back to school content, I can hardly believe that we are here. How does summer always go by so quickly!? How are my kids going into Grade 5 and Grade 1? I can’t wrap my head around it. Facing the reality of back to school time, I’ve put together this checklist of things that I need to get done before school starts.

I’ve already checked a few things off the list, yay for that! But for the most part I am not ready. Some things I always need help with and struggle throughout the year is being creative with school lunches. My kids just started eating more meat in their lunch, and we have partnered with Piller’s Fine Foods to share a few ways to get creative in the lunch department.

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5 Things on my Back-to-School Checklist

1. Vision Tests for Kids

On our list each year is to have the kids vision tested and see the eye doctor before school starts, for peace of mind to know that they are not going to have any obstacles with their eye sights when starting the new school year.

2. New Indoor Shoes

We start the year with a new pair of shoes for the kids. Typically, we buy them what they need for clothes if they have gone through a growth spurt, so not always the same specific items, except for when it comes to those indoor shoes.

3. Creative Lunch Ideas

I can’t say making lunches every morning is my favourite thing, but I do find it rewarding when the kids come home and tell me how much they loved it when I try something new.

I always try to make sure that the kids have some meat in their lunch as I find it fills them up more throughout the day. You can find Piller’s Fine Foods sliced turkey while doing your bulk shopping at Costco. Piller’s Meat Snacks are available at Wal-Mart, Safeway or No Frills.  Piller’s Fine Foods is a family business offering products that are made with quality ingredients and are allergen free & gluten free.

Back-to-school lunch ideas for kids

Five Ideas for including meat into your kid’s lunches: 

  • Sandwich skewers: Switch up the typical sandwich and instead, make little bite sized skewers on toothpicks. How cute is that!
  • Cheese, meat & crackers: It’s like a little lunch DIY for your kids to sit down and make their own little cracker sandwiches
  • Pepperoni roll ups: I found this recipe here on Pinterest and it had me drooling, might just need to make a few extra for my own lunch.
  • Mini bunwiches: Swap out the bread for dinner buns and your kids can easily grab and munch on little turkey bunwiches
  • Pepperoni on the side: If all else fails, do your regular thing (for us it’s bread and jam) and then add some pepperoni sticks on the side for them to snack on at recess
Back-to-school lunch ideas for kids

4. Finish everything on the summer checklist

We still have a few things that we haven’t checked off the summer to do list. One of them includes the Adventure Park, the kids have been begging us to go. Time to see how much we can squeeze in before summer is done!

5. Adjust the sleep schedule

We can’t be the only ones that keep the kids up extra late, even when we try we can’t get them to go to bed early. The week before school we try to get back into a regular sleep routine, going to bed earlier and waking up when we would for school. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

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