Pacific Sands: Where to Stay and things to do in Tofino

Where to Stay and Things to Do in Tofino, BC

October 30, 2019

Favourite Places

This might be a bold statement, but Tofino might just be one of the most beautiful places in BC. A few weeks ago, we went on a family trip to Tofino. I was given the opportunity to partner with Pacific Sands to capture their new-three bedroom suites and we all fell in love. It was our first time going to explore Tofino as a family and a trip to remember. I’ve put together a list of places to go and things to do in Tofino that were recommended by all of you on Instagram.

Pacific Sands: Where to Stay and things to do in Tofino

We’ve been dreaming up this trip for the last year. We took the kids out of school for the first week knowing that it would be less busy for traveling and they wouldn’t have homework and fall behind. Early September is usually (oh raincouver) pretty good weather so we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. 

The weather turned out to be perfect. Sunny days enjoyed walking along the beach, boogy boarding and discovering sea creatures. While during our crisp evenings we enjoyed being cosied up around the fire, watching perfect sunsets and making s’mores.

Pacific Sands: Where to Stay and things to do in Tofino

Where to Stay in Tofino: Pacific Sands Tofino Three-Bedroom Oceanside Suite

The new three-bedroom oceanside suite that we stayed in at Pacific Sands Tofino was spacious, bright, and airy. It was truly a home away from home! My six favourite things about the oceanside suite are:

Pacific Sands: Where to Stay and things to do in Tofino
  1. The Kitchen: The suite has a full kitchen with brand new, state-of-the-art appliances, and all the cookware you could need. There’s also a full dining table, so you don’t have to cook, but you can still eat as a family. 
  2. In-suite Laundry: This is truly a home away from home. You can stay for as long as you like and pack minimally — if that’s your thing — because you can do all of your laundry without ever leaving. 
  3. Master bedroom with ocean views: The king-size bed was an absolute dream. The master bedroom overlooks the ocean, so the first and last thing we saw before falling asleep was the Pacific Ocean — it was surreal. 
  4. Fireplace: There are fireplaces all over the suite! Early September on the coast is pretty cool and misty at night, so we were able to snuggle up in front of the fire both inside and outside.
  5. Hammocks: There are hammocks to hang out in all around Pacific Sands. They’re the perfect place to watch the waves, read a book, or take a cat nap.
  6. Wash pad: This is such a neat addition to the suite. When you come inside, there is an area to clean off your shoes/boots and other outerwear! 
Pacific Sands: Where to Stay and things to do in Tofino

Eight Places to Go When Visiting Tofino

Of course, we couldn’t stay in and hang out at the suite all day; there’s so much to see and do in Tofino. We had an incredible time exploring. Here are our eight favourite places to go and things to do when staying in Tofino: 

  1. Cathedral Grove, BC: So this one isn’t in Tofino, but it’s a must-see on the way there. Cathedral Grove is home to some of the oldest and tallest trees in Canada. The picturesque cedar trees create their own outdoor cathedral, and are an important part of the cultural heritage of the Indigenous people who call the island home. It’s a beautiful part of MacMillan Provincial Park.
  2. Shelter Restaurant: Shelter is a great place to go whether traveling with or without kids. They accomodate children with colouring sheets while waiting for food which is always an added bonus. The service was absolutely amazing and the food is soooo goooooooood. I had a friend DM me and said that I “had to” try their crispy chicken burger, let me tell you it did not disappoint.
  3. Surfside Grill: If you’re staying at Pacific Sands, you’re in luck, because Surfside Grill is on their property, and it’s one of the best restaurants in Tofino! There’s an espresso bar for the early risers (or midday coffee drinkers) and some fan favourites like tacos, fish and chips, and burgers. They even host summer BBQs all summer long. 
  4. Surf Sister: If you’re going to explore the Pacific, this is the place to go to prepare. You can rent wetsuits, boogie boards, and surfboards at Surf Sister. It’s right next to Surfside Grill on Cox Bay, so you can work up an appetite in the water and then have a sunset dinner on the bay! 
  5. Cox Bay Sunsets at Sunset Point: One of the things I forgot about Tofino is how beautiful the sunset is. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this is what they’re talking about. 
  6. Rhino Coffee House Tofino: When I talked about heading to Tofino and asked for recommendations, this was the most recommended place by far. My favourite meal at Rhino is The “Bro” Nut: a donut topped with fried egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and your choice of meat or vegetarian topping. The “Bro” Nut alone is worth a trip to Tofino. For real, bro. 
  7. SALT Shop: A local shop with an incredible array of brands, including their own ethically- and Canadian-made clothing line. SALT is also home to some local favourites, like K’Pure, Só Luxury, and Tofino Towel Co. 
  8. Tacofino: A personal favourite of mine, Tacofino combines two of the greatest things ever: tacos and west coast inspiration. Taco ‘bout a match made in heaven. 
Pacific Sands: Where to Stay and things to do in Tofino
Pacific Sands: Where to Stay and things to do in Tofino

Six More Places to See and Things to Do in Tofino, BC

We had so many great recommendations for our trip that we didn’t get a chance to visit them all. These are the places that were recommended to me. We’ll have to go on another Tofino trip to check out these six places: 

  1. Wolf in the Fog
  2. Tofino Brew Co.
  3. Wild Pacific Trail (Lighthouse Trail)
  4. Ucluelet Aquarium 
  5. Tofitian 
  6. Big Daddy’s Fish Fry
Pacific Sands: Where to Stay and things to do in Tofino

Discover More about Where to Stay & Things to do in Tofino: Pacific Sands Tofino Website

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