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How to Get New Lenses in Old Frames

November 25, 2019

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I was organizing my bedroom the other day when I came across an old pair of glasses frames. These frames were one of the first pairs of frames I ever got for myself and the lens prescription no longer matched my current prescription. I wondered if I could get new lenses in the old frames.

*This post is sponsored by IRIS. Photographs by Fourth West Photography

My first thought was to connect with IRIS, where I go for all my eyecare needs, and see if they would be able to do it. When I went in to order contact lens refills I brought these frames and asked them.

Success! They said no problem, made sure the frames were in good condition still (because it wouldn’t be worth it if they weren’t), and then they sent them off to have the lenses made with my prescription.

New Lenses in Old Frames - Abbotsford Eyewear IRIS

This got me thinking about all the other times I have seen one-of-a-kind frames at thrift stores that I would have loved to style but weren’t my prescription.

My sister was even telling me that she was looking for ‘old school’ frames and was having a hard time finding exactly what she wants. I suggested to look at thrift stores, and then see if she can get new lenses in the old glasses frames. #winwin

New Lenses in Old Frames - Abbotsford Eyewear IRIS

So, whether you are looking for brand new frames with lenses or want to update your current frames with a new prescription, know that you can bring them into IRIS and have them take care of you.

This week they also have a Black Friday deal on from Nov 25 – Dec 1st where you can get $125 off new frames. Click THIS LINK to download the coupon and bring it in store to redeem. * some restrictions may apply

New Lenses in Old Frames - Abbotsford Eyewear IRIS

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