Color Reaveal Barbie Doll and Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid

New Products: Barbie® Color Reveal Doll & Barbie Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid

December 19, 2019

Product Review

Buying gifts for kids can be hard, especially because there are so many toys to choose from. One classic toy that never disappoints? Barbie! Barbie has been a great gift option for generations, and this year, Mattel has released two new Barbies that Sophie and Evelyn will find under the Christmas tree (shh!): Barbie® Color RevealTM Doll and BarbieTM Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid.

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Not only that, but we have been hiding their new playroom staple, the Barbie Dreamhouse®. I keep thinking about their reactions Christmas morning and cannot wait for it! The Dreamhouse® is for all toys, not just Barbie’s. Though I am sure the girls are going to be checking it out with both the Barbie® Color RevealTM Doll and BarbieTM Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid.

Barbie Dreamhouse Review

The Dreamhouse® is HUGE! It comes with clear directions for assembly and took me about half and hour from start to finish. There’s multiple different rooms and even a slide and pool off the side of the Dream House, and an elevator on the other side. Lots of elements are interactive, like the battery-operated toilet lid and the convertible couch. I’m sure the whole family is going to enjoy poking around to find out all the Barbie® Dreamhouse® details.

Let’s take a look at these BRAND NEW Barbies a little closer. They are both creative ways to get more interactive with Barbie, adds something new to the traditional Barbie and is something my kids haven’t seen before.

Ding, ding, ding… perfect gift idea!

Color Reaveal Barbie Doll and Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid

Barbie® Color Reveal Doll & BarbieTM Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid Details

Barbie® Color Reveal Doll is a unique take on unboxing toys. We all know how much kids LOVE unboxing. When you take the Barbie® Color Reveal Doll out of her box, she’s just plain pink. Put her in a container of warm water and swirl her around, and, voilà: Barbie’s skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, and outfit will be ‘revealed’! Barbie® Color Reveal also comes with a surprise wig and other accessories; there are seven whole surprises to be revealed! Buy online Here.

BarbieTM Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid incorporates every child’s favourite gooey substance, sparkly slime. Barbie’s tail is clear and removable, so your child can change Barbie’s tail colour all by themselves! Slime Mermaid Barbie comes with two different slime colours, so there are multiple options for her tail. Buy online Here.

So.. What do you think? Would your child be more interested in the Barbie® Color Reveal or BarbieTM Dreamtopia Slime Mermaid? Or both? We’ll have to wait and see on Christmas morning which one our girls are most interested in, but I have a feeling both are going to be a hit!

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