Things to do with your kids on Halloween in Vancouver

Howl Over Canada | Fly Over Canada Halloween Edition

October 4, 2020

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Looking for things to do with your kids on Halloween? We were blown away by the Howl Over Canada, FlyOver Canada Halloween Edition, show at Canada Place in Vancouver. My kids are still talking about Biker Mama the Witch after watching the show this weekend.

This was the first time for my youngest daughter, Evelyn, to see a Fly Over Canada show and I couldn’t help but continually glance over at her during the show. Her hand grasped to the handlebars and her eyes wide with such a happy grin swiped across her face. So very enchanted by the whole experience.

Kids must be over 102 cm in order to ride, make sure to check if you are bringing any younger ones boo-cause you don’t want to be turned away at the ticket counter. Evelyn, four years old, was juuuuustttt tall enough to make it on.

Now that you know you can ride, let’s talk about the highlights and things to expect.

Things to do with kids on hallween in Vancouver | Fly Over Canada Halloween Edition

photography by: fourthwest photography

Fly Over Canada Halloween Edition Things to Know

  • WHERE: 201 – 999 Canada Place, Canada, Vancouver, BC
  • WHEN: October 1st – November 1st
  • PRICE: Tickets for children are $10 off the adult price (remember your child must be over 102 cm tall)
  • PURCHASE TICKETS: online to save some $ or at the ticket booth on location
  • COSTUMES: If you have em, wear em!
Downtown Vancouver at Canada Place with the kids in their Halloween Costumes before Howl Over Canada
Kids looking at the Fly Over Canada Decor outside of Canada Place

More about Howl Over Canada

This annual family-friendly ride is great for everyone in the family. It had me gasping and even had a little screech at one part. There’s nothing too spooky about it but it does get the party startled.

It’s an 8 minute ride experience that makes you feel like you are actually flying over different beautiful parts of Canada. Meanwhile, Biker Mama the witch and her friends are popping in and out of the scenes to keep you on your toes.

“Is the water real” is what my friend’s son exclaimed as we started on our adventure over Canada. We reminded him that we were strapped into our “roller coaster” seats and watching a large film, “oh yah, right?!” he remembered. It really does feel real as you bump around and have mists in your face as you soar over waterfalls and rapids.

the Sunset at Canada Place after watching Howl Over Canada Hallween

I’d suggest making an evening out of it and checking out the VIP packages that they offer. You can take your time around the area taking in the beautiful sights of the city, especially if you go in the evening and catch the sunset like we did. Plus, the VIP package includes some spooktacular Halloween themed drinks and treats, as well as a photo to remember your evening with.

Flying Whale offers some things for Kids on Halloween in Vancouver

The Flying Whale is the cafe right next to FlyOver Canada at Canada Place. They have some great Halloween decor as well as some spooky treats and special brews for the occasion.


  • Ricky’s Pumpkin Loaf
  • Ghostie’s Marshmallow Pop


  • Biker Mama’s Witches Brew
  • Ricky’s Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Ghostie’s Hot Chocolate

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