Tips for First Day of Kindergarten

Tips for Getting Ready for Kindergarten

August 31, 2021

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I am having a hard time believing that in a couple weeks our littlest ‘baby’ is going to be headed to kindergarten. How the heck did that happen?

We have been enjoying ourselves this summer and keeping super busy going out camping, to local lakes and rivers, playing with friends and all things fun!

It’s time to start getting back into a bit of a routine and make sure that we are ready to start kindergarten. There’s a few things we do each year with the kids as routine for us to put our best foot forward to get started. 

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Here’s what I suggest for the smoothest entry:

1. Start your routine a week before school:

We trying to adjust our kids bedtime and wake up times back to as close as it would be to school time to get them into the routine.

We feel fortunate to have kids that like to sleep in, but when it comes to routine they need that nudge to get going in the mornings so adjusting those time lines before the first day of school helps it from being so abrupt.

2. Book Eye Exams:

It’s been a routine of ours since our first started going to school to take our kids in for routine eye exams. A few years ago we started scheduling them a couple weeks before school or within the first month and I find it eases our minds so much making sure that the kids are ready for success from the start.

This year the kids came back with great vision, we went into our scheduled appointment at IRIS Visual Group in Chilliwack. I booked our appointments using their online form and had an appointment within a week.

I’ve been to a few different IRIS locations and have always found that they do such an incredible job working with kids. So personable with the kids and working with them at their varying education levels to make sure that they are getting the most accurate results. For Evelyn she got to identify different pictures while Sophia identified different numbers and letters.

3. School Supplies:

The daunting school supplies list. We order online in early summer for the early grades and our school provides the kindergarten supplies which takes a lot of stress out of it. However there are always a few items that the school doesn’t take care of. Some of our favourite back-to-school items that we purchase are; Hey Folks voyager shoes, YumBox lunch boxes and Herschel backpacks.

4. Practice with Scissors:

To some this can be a given and to others it can be something they didn’t even think about. Wherever you are at, it’s all good! It is something to think about either way though, kindergarten teachers have shared with me in the past that one of the skills they would love most kids to be developed on when entering kindergarten is being familiar with cutting as this is a big part of their craft day and helps the kids with skill development so much.

5. Practice open and closing bags, jackets and lunchboxes:

Make sure your child is set up to take care of themselves by making sure that they can operate their items efficiently. Remembering that there is typically just one teacher per LOTS of kids it can help you child and the teacher to be competent and confident in their daily tasks.

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There’s a lot of emotions going through each parent mind as kindergarten starts, it’s a big step for both the moms and dads and the kids! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, take one step at a time!

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