Flood Hope Falls Trailhead

Flood Falls in Hope, BC | Easy Dog Friendly Family Hike

June 1, 2022

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I can’t even tell you the number of times we have driven by the exit in Hope, BC for Flood Falls (also known as Flood-Hope Falls) and commented on how we should stop to view them. It took a scheduled day to make it out to the falls with a girlfriend and my goodness, why did it take so long! Flood Falls are breathtaking!

We wandered up the path, full of lots of loss stones and rocks, that has you wondering if you are really going in the right direction. The riverbed we walked up looked dry and we questioned whether or not there was even going to be water at Flood Falls.

Another turn around the corner and we discovered the beauty of Flood Falls. It was only about ten minutes up a very low incline path to discover the height of these falls.

Want to see the falls in action? Watch my Reel on @creativecodilynn here.

Hiking Flood Falls in Hope, BC | Key Information

  • Distance: 1 KM round trip
  • Time: Under an hour
  • Height of Falls: 1,200 feet
  • Walking Elevation Gain: 40 metres
  • Location: just off Highway 1 exit #165
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Dog Friendly
The Fraser Valley Waterfalls, Flood-Hope Falls

The above two images captured by: @lovinglittlesblog

  1. Enn says:

    I really enjoy hiking! Thanks for sharing this and your pictures are super awesome!

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