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November 1, 2022

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The other week I spent the morning trying on what felt like 100’s of frames and was able to narrow down to a handful of frames that made it into my top styles for the Fall of 2022. I always find the best selection at IRIS, where a lot of the styles are also available on

Pro Tip: Bring along a friend when going eyeglass shopping. Not only is it fun to try on styles that may not be your typical choice together but you can also have them share their opinion with you when you have a hard time narrowing down a favourite pair.

Choosing the right glasses frames for your face shape

My friend Lindsay from Fourth West Photography joined me and we chose our top 5 glasses styles for 2022 for my face share. There’s a lot of styles that I love but found that I was most drawn to larger frames for my face, both with thick frames and thin frame widths.

Top 5 Glasses Frame Styles for 2022

From the classic bold black frames to the thin oversized aviator style, all five of these frame styles are sharp, clean and stylish.

I was surprised that the aviators made it into my top five and they wouldn’t have been even something I would have grabbed off the shelf if I didn’t bring my friend along with me.

After going back and forth with trying these five pairs I narrowed it down to 2 pairs. I loved the Esprit oversized wire frames as well as the rectangular black Roots frames. Both very different looks that I feel will work well depending on my #ootd.

If you prefer to shop online for frames IRIS has this house brand, Lya, that has a wide variety of styles, one of my current favourite frames that I already own and wear regularly are a wire round style that you can find here. Check out the full collection of Lya frames online here. Happy shopping!

Iris Visual Group in Chilliwack Review

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