5 Reasons Our Family Would Stay at Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa Again

May 10, 2016

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Family Vacations don’t happen very often these days with both kids and the baby on the way. When the opportunity came up with Vancouver Mom to go visit Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa for the weekend we were absolutely thrilled! It was our first trip away since the following summer and we were all craving a little getaway.

Our family decided to take an extra day and go up to the resort early before the events we had planned for the following day, I am SO glad that we did! While just our family was in the pool I had some time to reflect and even mentioned to my husband that I could see our family up here again in the near future with all my sisters and their kids. It just has so many great qualities that screamed family vacation! Below I am sharing my top 5 reasons why I felt this way.

5 Reasons to Stay at Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa

1. The Scenic Drive 

The drive up to the resort is absolutely breathtaking. For us it was only a couple hours and in our tiny car it really wasn’t too bad for the four of us. Yes, no doubt we got the “Are we there yets?” and “How much longer?” from the kids but they could easily be distracted by “Look outside and see if you can see any animals” or “Wow do you see all the snow over on the mountain?”

2. From Room to Water in a Minute 

You are literally on the water, Summerland Waterfront Resort is right on the beach from and literally a 30 second walk to the water from when you exit the elevator. With a lengthy private dock reserved for Summerland Resort guests and it’s neighbouring restaurant, Local Lounge, you can take a gorgeous stroll to view the waterfront minutes from leaving your room.

3. The Rooms Have it All

I was blown away by the fact that every room at Summerland Resort & Spa has a view of the water. I love how their layout was thought out to make this possible, it’s the perfect touch at the Summerland Resort, and that’s not all that makes the rooms so dreamy. For our family having a kitchenette made our stay less expensive and more relaxing by not having to take the kids our for every meal, the bathroom came with a soaker tub that when filled would cover my pregnant belly (ummm hello!) and the beds made us all sleep like babies with the super soft bedding and the curtains that don’t let you know it’s daytime (of course you can open these up when so desired and the sunlight is abundant).

4. Outdoor Pool and Hot Tub (not to mention the Spa!)

This was the kids FAVORITE part by far! After the first night sleep the first words out of Sophie’s mouth after she opened her eyes and nuzzled into me, “Swimmming Mooommmyy??” I have always loved swimming and being pregnant in the water (at 9 o’clock at night even) felt so SO amazing. Neither of our kids are pro swimmers and both can be a little hesitant when it comes to get into the water, but there didn’t seem to be anything holding them back here. Ezra was happy that he could touch the ground for the majority of the length of the pool and that it didn’t just suddenly drop off (both Dad and I liked this too as it allowed us to feel more secure and safe with the kids playing).

#tgif and we are swimming!! It feels amazing being preggo and feeling weightless in the water at #28weeks ! ????????????

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5. Local Activities For the Kids & for the Parents

On our last full day in Summerland we got the opportunity to tour around the city and visited Ok Crush Pad, a local winery that also has chickens, ducks and doggies for your kids to love on, the amazing Tickleberries Icecream shop (mental note, if you plan on visiting go earlier then later – apparently the afternoon lineup can get a bit looonngg), syrup tasting at Summerland Sweets and much more! On a side note: we were blessed with a guide for the day from A Ok Tours (Karen) who was outstanding with providing attention to detail for all our children’s needs and I would highly recommend.

I am for sure suggesting Summerland Resort and Spa as our next family vacation with our family and our siblings as I feel the atmosphere of the resort and everything else that I listed above help make having a family vacation that much more relaxing and enjoyable.

To see more from our trip to Summerland go to our tag on Instagram #cwjwvaycay or check out this blog post. More vacation photos coming to the blog soon.

  1. Robin Rue says:

    That place sounds awesome and perfect for families! I would love to take my family there, too!

  2. Summerland sure has changed! We used to go to Kelowna every summer when I was a kid ( too bad Flinstone Park still isn’t around the kids would love it). I bookmarked the page as a “hint” for something fun we can do this summer with the monkeys. This would be a houseboat hands down any day!

  3. felinebykatsaris says:

    These pictures are so adorable. It looks like your family had a blast! Great post

  4. I have not heard of this resort before – it this in Vancouver – you don’t say? BUT – the images are gorgeous – the mountains – we don’t have mountains in the midwest and these are just lovely.

  5. Oh my gosh, I do need to add this to my travel bucket list! What a beautifully relaxing visit it would be!

  6. ashley lee says:

    Sounds like a great place! Gorgeous views and I just love when there are local things near by to do with the family!

  7. tp keane says:

    wow, you guys looked as though you had an amazing time. I’ve never heard of this resort before.

  8. Ana De Jesus says:

    This is the first time I am hearing of summerland but it looks like a fun resort and the view is exceptional. Can I wangle an invite lol :p

  9. Amanda Love says:

    It looks like its an amazing place to stay. I will be checking them out because we plan on doing a bit more traveling and I’m looking into a few more places where we might stay. Thanks for the info here on why you loved it.

  10. Wow, it looks amazing! Never heard of it before, but that view is beautiful. Beautiful family too!

  11. Megan McCoig says:

    This looks like an incredible place to stay with your family. There is so much todo, and also great opportunity to relax 🙂

  12. How sweet and cute. Love;y place and congrats on the baby to come .

  13. […] a day, the kids were pooped, Sophie had a nap on the way back to Summerland Water Front Resort & Spa in the car, our bellies were stuffed and we were all feeling so content. The day wasn’t over […]

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