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Soar Over Taiwan at FlyOver Canada

February 3, 2020

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You know what they say: if something is worth doing, do it right now! And right now, you can check out an extra-unique FlyOver Canada adventure. Until February 17th, 2020, for the first time, FlyOver Canada is giving visitors the opportunity of a lifetime: Soar Over Taiwan

FlyOver Canada in Vancouver BC Special edition Soar Over Taiwan

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This post is written in partnership with FlyOver Canada.

What is FlyOver Canada?

FlyOver Canada — or, in this case, Soar Over Taiwan — is a 4-D experience that is chock-full of special effects. When your ride begins, you are lifted off the ground so your feet are dangling as you fly. You’re buckled into rollercoaster-style seats that are suspended in mid-air. With 360° views of epic sights of Taiwan’s geography and stunning city-scapes as the wind runs through your hair, sea mist hits your face, and scents of the ocean and orchards wash over you. 

FlyOver Canada is an experience like no other. I went for my first FlyOver Canada visit in October for a Halloween-themed flight with my family, and we all had so much fun. This time, I left the kids at home and headed to Soar Over Taiwan for the most amazing flight with some friends. 

Flying Whale Cafe at FlyOver Canada at Vancouver Convention Centre

Soar Over Taiwan Flight Experience Details

Before the flight, you’ll watch a pre-show video that introduces guests to the beautiful geography and culture of Taiwan and some of its history, including how the Lunar New Year came to be and is celebrated in Taiwan. 

And then: take-off! The 8-minute adventure will take you soaring over Green Island and its seabed and Coast Sleeping Beauty Rock. You’ll fly over Orchid Island, Cape Eluanbi, Sun Moon Lake, Taroko National Park, Ruan’an Bagua Tea Farm, Taipei City, and more. You’ll also get to see an incredible fireworks show straight out of the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival.

The extra special effects — like the scents and water spray — take the experience above and beyond to make riders actually feel like they are experiencing the beauty of Taiwan.

Heads up for locals! FlyOver Canada offers discounted rates for locals, so if you’re a BC resident, you can head here for tickets.

Don’t forget to visit the Flying Whale Cafe after your show as they have a featured Pineapple Cake and Tea for the duration of Soar Over Taiwan.

Soar Over Taiwan Showings

Soar Over Taiwan is available for showtimes from January 16 – February 17, 2020. For tickets visit their website for more details and availability.

Where is FlyOver Canada in Vancouver?

201 – 999 Canada Place, Canada, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E1

FlyOver Canada (and Soar Over Taiwan) are located at Canada Place in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

FlyOver Canada in Vancouver BC at Canada Place | Special Showing Soar Over Taiwan

Things to do in Vancouver after your FlyOver Canada Experience

If you aren’t from around town, I’d also like to suggest a few other areas in the city. During our girls trip downtown after our Soar Over Taiwan experience we headed into Gastown for chimney cake cones from The Praguery in Gastown. Also be sure to check out Robson Street for some of the best shopping and restaurants.

Fly Over Taiwan in Real Life

FlyOver Canada has partnered with China Airlines to give people a chance to see the actual state of Taiwan! Head here to enter the contest and soar over Taiwan in real life.

FlyOver Canada in Vancouver BC

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