Halloween at Flyover Canada

Halloween at Flyover Canada Vancouver

October 26, 2019

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This past weekend we got to “Cackle, swoop and fly with the witches”, as our family (minus our youngest) went for our first ever Flyover Canada Vancouver experience.

Halloween at Flyover Canada

Broomelda, the witch that gets to ready for take off, has taken over Flyover Canada and transformed the outside, waiting area, guest shop and more into an entire Halloween experience. She encourages aspiring witches and wizards to join in on the haunted witches academy before the adventure begins.

My son, aged 10, was so excited to go as he shared with some friends at school that we were headed out to Halloween at Flyover Canada Vancouver. A few of his friends had said that they had gone before and let him know how real it all feels, especially when getting misted.

The whole experience is about 20-25 minutes, starting once you enter the haunted chamber (aka the pre-show). The Flyover Canada ride experience lasts 8 minutes, and in that time, you get to see 18 of Canada’s most incredible cities and geographic features from all over the country. Once everything is complete you are directed to receive your witch academy diploma (Sophie loved this!) to take home.

We poked around the gift shop, viewed our pre show photo that was available for purchase and then grabbed a couple drinks in the neighbouring coffee shop that also had a fun Halloween game asking them to find hidden objects around the space in exchange for a treat.

One thing we forgot to do was dress up! Have fun with it, get another use of those costumes and bring your kids ready to show off their costumes to Broomelda and the crew.

Halloween at Flyover Canada

More Details about Halloween at Fly Over Canada Vancouver

  • When: October 23 – November 3
  • Where: Canada Place, Downtown Vancouver
  • Who: Suitable for those aged 4 years and up. Children must be at least 102cm (40″) to participate on the ride. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult or guardian aged 14 years or older.
  • Wear: Guests of all ages are encouraged to dress in costume.

Don’t expect to leave witch-out feeling a little more magical than when you came.

For any additional information make sure to check out the FlyOver Canada website. Plus, FlyOver Canada offers a 20% discount for BC residents, so locals can fly with Broomelda for a great deal.

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