Modern Ice Cream Store in Downtown Abbotsford called Banter Ice Cream

Banter Ice Cream Storefront Location in Downtown Abbotsford

August 17, 2020

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I was just a little bit exciting, ok A LOT excited when I first found out that Banter Ice Cream was opening up in Downtown Abbotsford. I first met Laura, founder of Banter Ice Cream, when they would set up on West Railway on Thursday nights during the summer, a few summers past. The kids and I were instant fans.

Banter Ice Cream in Abbotsford BC

It is easy to see how much hard work and love is put into every scoop. They source out local ingredients where they, along with some of the most unique flavours. When you get to the last question/answer you will know exactly what I mean here.

It’s such a pleasure to be able to pop into Banter Ice Cream to snap some photos of their gorgeous new Downtown Abbotsford ice cream shop as well as share this little Q & A for you all to get to know Laura and her local business a little better.

Photography: Julie Christine Photography

Abbotsford Ice Cream Shop Banter

Q&A With Banter Ice Cream Founder, Laura:

1. How about a little intro and Tell us a little about you and how the name “Banter” Ice Cream came to be.

These days, the world seems to be getting more and more serious. If you stop and think about all the things going on, it can get a little overwhelming. Ice cream is fun, and we believe that every day should have a little slice of lighthearted conversation. It’s cheesy but we are trying to make people’s days a bit better, one scoop at a time.

Banter Ice Cream in Downtown Abbotsford

2. What led you to start an icecream business?

If you’ve ever tried truly good ice cream, it really makes you smile. It makes you want to go back for it. Zach and I had some of the best ice cream in the world on our honeymoon on Salt Spring Island and figured we could bring some of that goodness to Abbotsford. I started making experimental batches, went to ice cream school and 2 years later, after many markets, we finally opened up the Banter storefront.

3. Tell us your favourite ice-cream flavour

My favourite ice cream flavour is our Wild Mint Chip. It’s made with wild mint grown on a farm close to UFV. The flavour is intense, cool and fresh, and tastes more like a mojito than the traditional mint that is usually used in ice cream.

Banter Ice Cream Shop in Downtown Abbotsford

4. Top three selling Banter ice cream flavours

I would have to say our top sellers are: cold brew coffee, lemon curd and the earl grey all of which will be year-round flavours.

5. What would you say makes your business unique

We’re pretty obsessed with ice cream, it’s a real science to get the right texture and flavour in the end product. We like to experiment a lot, often creating new and unique flavour pairings depending on the season. We’re fortunate enough to be located right on Jubilee Park, one of the only green spaces in downtown Abbotsford. It’s pretty magical sitting on the deck, a cone in hand, watching the hussle and bussle of the park.

Agreed, It really is!!

Banter Ice Cream Shop in Downtown Abbotsford

6. Congrats on the storefront location! Have you always wanted a storefront from the beginning days of scooping ice cream at events, tell us a little about the journey from your stand to Downtown Abbotsford shop.

Ohhh yea! An ice cream shop was definitely the end goal, but pretty daunting to open up a storefront right out of the gate. Around the same time that I started experimenting with ice cream, a new farmers market started up on Thursday evenings. I knew some folks involved and asked if I could sign up. So on a Thursday nearly 2 years ago, I brought my freezer and a few buckets of small batch ice cream to the market and started scooping! It was pretty cool to meet people from the community, and it felt like a seamless transition to the storefront knowing that we already had some die-hard Banter fans. 

7. What’s surprised you the most about having a small business?

I can’t think of any big surprises with owning a small business. Sure there are ups and downs, but that’s what drives the business, and keeps it moving forward. The most pleasant surprise about owning a small business in downtown Abbotsford is the overwhelming amount of support from the other small business owners. It truly feels like we’re in this together, and that the help is there if you need it.

8. Any flavours in the works or local small business collab flavours you can share with us?

My brain is constantly brimming with new ideas, and it’s hard not to make them all. Right now, we’re dreaming of an avocado pineapple sorbet, and a spicy peach ice cream with Lepps peaches.

Banter Ice Cream Location

33066 S Fraser Way, Abbotsford BC

(Located facing Jubilee Park in Downtown Abbotsford. There is a lot of green space, a beautiful deck and a park for kids to play)

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Thank you so much to Banter Ice Cream for taking the time to answer our questions. It was such a pleasure to interview you and do a mini photo shoot at your location. We can not wait to come back!

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