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5 Signs Your Child May Need Glasses

September 22, 2020

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The back to school season and eye appointments go hand in hand at our house. When the kids go back to school I am reminded to book their appointments and an appointment for myself. I’ve put together five signs your child may need glasses, though note that they might still need glasses without showing any signs.

Setting kids eye appointments up at the start of the year allows us the peace of mind to know that the kids are given their best opportunity of a great year and their vision is top notch for learning.

Learn more about booking appointments for yourself and your children here.

As a mom, we worry over the little things, at least I do. There is no sense in worrying about your child’s vision when they have a personal health number they are covered for free eye appointments until age 19. No need to stress.

You can easily find an IRIS location near you, all across Canada. Use their store locator here. We recently went to the Chilliwack location and found their eye doctor very knowledgeable and personable.

Your child doesn’t need to be showing any “signs” for poor eyesight in order to make a kids eye appointment, however, here are some things to look for in between their yearly check ups.

5 Signs your child may need glasse

Five Signs Your Child May Need Glasses | Kid’s Eye Appointments

  1. Squinting: One of the most noticeable signs would be squinting and straining the eyes when either looking in the distance or up close at something. Reading a book or watching TV are two ways to check on your child often to see how their positioning themselves and if their eyes are relaxed or not.
  2. Rubbing Eyes: Do you notice hands at the face often. If their eyes are being strained they may be rubbing them often to try to make them feel better.
  3. Headaches: Eye strain can lead to headaches and could be something you child communicates to you as they aren’t connecting it to poor eyesight.
  4. Clumsiness: Do you have an overly clumsy child? This could indicate difficulties with seeing and depth of field.
  5. There might not be any signs: I recently had a friend take her two daughters in for their first ever check up. She had no reason to believe that either child needed glasses but she wanted to have checkups to be sure. Both children ended up needing glasses, which just goes to show that the “typical” signs aren’t aways going to tell you.

On the other hand, one of our children showed a few of the signs listed above and in the end her eyesight is perfectly fine. You really don’t know until you go to a professional.

For more information for booking your kids eye appointments or an appointment for yourself visit

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