Abbotsford Mural by CreativeCodiLynn

HighStreet’s #GoodThingsAreComing Mural & Colouring Sheet by @creativecodilynn

February 21, 2021

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I can’t even hardly believe it!! At the start of the year I connected with HighStreet with a couple ideas of ways we could work together throughout the year. One of my ideas was to collaborate on one of the seasonal murals. Never did I think that by February I would have already designed and have my first mural up! HighStreet X @creativecodilynn mural + colouring sheet are officially live.

Abbotsford Mural by CreativeCodiLynn

I had a few questions about how the mural came to be so I wanted to share it all here. Also, I put together a free download coordinating colouring sheet for your littles. All you have to do is click the link to open it up in google drive and you can print at home from there.

Photos by @fourthwestphotography

FAQ’s About The HighStreet Mural Collaboraion

  • How does one get their artwork featured? Put yourself out there. Introduce yourself, build a relationship and ask! You really don’t know what will happen until you ask.
  • Did you paint the mural? No the mural is not painted. HighStreet changes their mural seasonally. I submitted my artwork and HighStreet had it professionally printed and mounted
  • What design program did you use? I designed the original draft in ProCreate on my ipad. After a few editions we came to a final copy that I transferred over and created a vector file to submit as an .ai file.
  • Where is it? The mural is right beside Purdy’s Chocolatier and the kids playground. It is on the backside of the elevator.
  • How long will it be up? I don’t have an exact date but usually HighStreet changes their mural seasonally so aim to visit in the Spring before it changes.
Abbotsford Mural by CreativeCodiLynn

I am so so appreciative of all your support on the mural. So many of you have already gone to visit at HighStreet and tagged me in your feed posts and story posts. MAKES MY DAY! I’ve featured public account tags on my Instagram Highlights here.

If you didn’t see my Reels video on Instagram (see here) or my Tiktok (see here) please head over and give it some love. Thank you!

It’s perfect for those #pinkshirtday photos too!! We snapped some images to share on Pink Shirt Day, Feb 24th. More details on Pink Shirt Day here. Head over and don’t forget to tag @pinkshirtday in your photos if you do!

Pink Shirt Day Photos in front of Abbotsford Mural by @creativecodilynn

Download Free Kid’s #GoodThingsAreComing Colouring Sheet – Free Printable

Click here to download!!

HighStreet Mural Colouring Sheet by Creative CodiLynn

I have more free printables on the blog if you want some more ideas for your kids. Check out this free printable alphabet workbook for at home learning.

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