Family at Rowena's Inn on the River

Rowena’s Inn & Sasquatch Mountain ‘Powder and Pillows’ Package

February 11, 2021

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Getting out of the house for a little local getaway was one of the best things we did as a family. It was a change of pace, something new and we all had a great time. It’s so good to just check out of the everyday life to-do’s and have a little something to look forward to. Our Rowena’s Inn and Sasquatch Mountain Package stay was so life giving.

We were hosted by Rowena’s Inn as I work for Slap Communications creating branded content. It was an opportunity to create content about this ‘Powder to Pillows’ package for their socials and during that I we created such great content I couldn’t help but share. Here’s a little tiktok video teaser I made as part of the content.

Rowena's Inn on the River Cabins
Family Local Trip in the Fraser Valley

I shared our experience at Rowena’s Inn & Sasquatch Mountain Resort through social media and had a handful of questions so I wanted to share them below along with some of the gorgeous photos that Lindsay of Fourth West Photograph capture of the three-bedroom cabin we stayed in.

Three Bedroom Cabin at Rowena’s Inn

These cabins are so beautiful! Honestly though, all the cabins at Rowena’s Inn are beautiful and I have loved staying in each of them. The three-bedroom has a kitchenette, dining room table, living space, two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a large front deck.

We made a couple meals as well as ordered take out for the Clubhouse Restaurant that we just picked up and walked back to each in the cabin. They were set up with Netflix to enjoy a relaxing evening and have decent sized baths if you want a soak in the tub after a day of shredding the mountain.

We loved walking about the trail down to the river. Every time I have gone we spot eagles along the way. Nothing like going through the trees, hearing the rushing water and then taking it all in at the gazebo at the river. Is a great afternoon stroll to enjoy nature.

Rowena's Family Cabin | Three bedroom Cabin

‘Powder to Pillows’ Package with Rowena’s Inn & Sasquatch Mountain Resort FAQ

  • Package is purchased on the Rowena’s Inn website here.
  • Sasquatch Mountain Resort is a local Fraser Valley Ski and Snowboard Mountain. It’s a great place for families
  • The package online is for two adults, if you want to add more adults or kids and book a larger cabin, call the front desk and they will assist you with that over the phone
  • Breakfast at The Clubhouse Restaurant is included in the package
  • If the weather isn’t desirable the day that you book the passes can be saved for an alternative date for Sasquatch Mountain Resort
  • The drive from Rowena’s Inn to Sasquatch Mountain Resort is about 20 minutes
  • You are required to have chains with you in your vehicle driving up the mountain. The weather conditions we had did not require us to put them on

More questions? Ask in the comments below.

Tips for a Successful Ski Day with Kids

  • Snacks!! snack & more snacks! We have loads of snacks in the car, in our pockets, in the kids pockets, you name it
  • Pre-pack a lunch and water bottles to have half way through the day. Bonus: You don’t want to have to deal with a crowded cafeteria.
  • Bring extra socks & gloves. We try to pack extra gloves and socks so the kids can swap out of their cold and wet clothes at lunch.
  • Change of clothes for after skiing. Bring lots of warm and cozy clothes to change into while they are waiting in the vehicle and you are loading up the gear in the vehicle. Blankets are great too!
  • Charge your phone and don’t forget to snap some photos. Just hold on tight if you attempt any chair lift shots.
  • A little treat can be motivation for any kids that might get too tired part way down a hill. Bring something that you can use to encourage them to keep going and give them a little energy perk.

Have fun out there! That’s the most important part.

More information online at Rowena’s Inn & Sasquatch Mountain Resort

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