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10 Gifts for Her this Holiday Season

December 12, 2022

Mom Lifestyle

This year I found myself online shopping for gifts and personal items way more than past years. I’ve put together a list of “Gifts for Her” this season, featuring items that I either personally have on my wish list or have purchased myself this year and see so much value in them. 

There’s a variety of local items and random things I’ve found online. Bringing together a well rounded list of items to hopefully speak to that special someone you are shopping for. 

Gift Ideas for Her this holiday season

Please note this post is sponsored by IRIS + contains affiliate links. All views are my own.

10 Gifts for Her This Holiday Season

  1. High quality sunglasses: This year I bought myself a new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from IRIS after having the same pair that I bought from them over 5 years ago. While I still have and wear my other pair, I picked out a new style to switch out. Knowing that my previous pair has lasted for so long I felt good about spending the price point for a great quality pair from IRIS. 

    A favourite style right now: Ray Ban RB3447
  2. Board Games: You’ll often find us sitting around with a couple drinks and playing a card game, whether it’s Sequence with a friend or two or The Game of Things with a group of friends, always a good time.

    Shop Sequence and The Game of Things
  3. Travel Jewelry Box: Does your partner get super excited to have all her items organized. If so, then something like this travel jewelry box is the perfect gift. You can even load it up with a few pieces of jewelry to surprise her with.
  4. Holiday Candle Gift Set: Something about Mala the Brand that I can’t get enough of. Combine holiday scents and a gift pack and you have a winning gift! Not into the smells of the holidays, go with a scent free candle that adds to the decor, like these bubble candles.

    Shop Holiday Candle Gift Set
  5. Gigi Pip Hat: My most complimented of all articles of clothing is this Gigi Pip hat. For the girl with many hats and bold style, she’ll love this hat.
  6. Happy Face Slippers: Sitting here still unsure, why not make her smile every morning when she slips on her happy face slippers. These are hands down the most warm and comfortable slippers you’ll ever slip those toes into.

    Shop Happy Face Slippers
  7. Apple Watch Strap: Time for a change. I’ve had the same watch strap for a while and recently ordered this strap to add a bit more class to my wrist. After a few strap adjustments it fits perfect. 

    Shop Apple Watch Strap
  8. Polaroid Camera: A little nostalgia combined with the joy of creating new memories to last a lifetime. Grab a polaroid camera and some instant film refills to get you through the holidays of capturing memories together.
  9. Mandarin Belt Bag: I can’t get enough of this classic leather belt bag, this one’s on my wish list. Check out the braided leather one.
  10. Sunglasses Organizer: I’m guilty of packing a few too many sunglasses when traveling to a sunny destination and always fear them getting destroyed along the way. This travel case allows you to pack all your favorites, while taking up minimal space. Bonus points if you grab a style from and include them within the organizer when you wrap the gift.

    Shop sunglasses organizer.

A bonus idea heading into January would be:
Activewear: I am always excited to open up comfort. I recently did a full try-on session that I featured on my Instagram of a bunch of my favourite styles.

What’s on the top of you Christmas wishlist? Comment below to add more to the list.

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