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Easy Parenting Hack – Search Google for Free Printables

February 23, 2023

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As a work from home mom I find there’s many moments where I could use a quiet moment. One of my favourite parenting hacks, something the kids Oma and Grammy started doing for them that I adapted is Google searching for free printables. 

All you need is a great printer and ink to get the job done in a few minutes and then you have your kids set up with an activity to give you some time to get your own work complete. 

Before I get into my tips for making sure you aren’t downloading something you shouldn’t be (be aware there are always scammers out there), I want to share with you the ultimate at home office printer that will allow you to print coloring sheet after colouring sheet without needing ink refills.

At Home Printables from Home

Let me introduce you to the PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Refillable Printers. This printer is easy to set up from the box and super easy to use. I set mine up within half an hour and was then printing in minutes. 

With the front facing built-in refillable ink tank system it makes it super easy to monitor the ink levels, however, don’t expect to have to refill anytime soon as it can print up to 7,700 coloured pages! That’s a lot of printing!

Canon PIXMA Megatank printer + review

So whether you need a new printer for all the potential colouring sheets for your kids or you want to elevate your home office, make sure to explore the PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Refillable Printers, as they offer lower printing costs with the MegaTank.

5 Tips When Searching Free Colouring Pages

  1. Turn your Google search page from web page view to images view. This brings you directly to the images you may want to print.
  2. Make sure to include the words “free printable download”
  3. Be specific when searching for your colouring pages. You may want to search “unicorn line drawing free printable download” instead of “unicorn coloring page”.
  4. Read the subtext on the page and ensure that it is a free download and not a listing for an Etsy site, by all means purchase from local creatives if you see something you like there! However, if you want to do the hunting for a free one, check the subtext first.
  5. Remember and follow your favourite designers that offer free pages.

Free Printable Colouring Pages by @creativecodilynn

I offer a handful of coloring and activity pages right here, check out the list below to see if any of them might be something your kids want to color.

  1. A-Z Activity Worksheet:
  2. Mermaid Coloring Sheet:
  3. Joy To The World Holiday Coloring Sheet:

Easily shop the PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Refillable Printers + the refillable ink on the Canon website.

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