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Cactus Themed Photo Gallery Wall

April 5, 2023

Home Decor

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I’m a huge fan of gallery walls and have been wanting to put something together in my home for a while. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to display the frames that I ordered so I set up two different areas in my home to see which I preferred.

It took me quite some time to organize how I wanted each of the prints to look on the wall. First I put the frames on the floor and moved them around until I found a placement that I liked the most. This saved me from putting way too many holes in the wall.

After measuring where they should be aligned on the wall I was able to screw in some hooks for them to be hung on and I had my first gallery wall display.

My living room was set up like this for a few days and then I decided that the wall actually was too large of a space for the number of frames I had ordered and now I want to do an even larger gallery wall in that space, though I wanted to move these images to somewhere that seemed more fitting.

I switched up the display and moved them over to a shelf in my living room. This spot was perfect! They fit so much more seemlessly here and I liked the variation of having the 2 4X6 prints hung on the wall and the other three prints resting on the shelf.

What do you think? Do you prefer the wall space or shelf gallery display?

gallery wall on a wooden shelf with cactus prints

Opposite Wall is a brand that I have ordered from in the past, I have massive frames with family photos in them and absolutely LOVE them.

When they reached out to create a gallery wall I was BEYOND excited as I was already a customer of theirs. Their frames are high quality and pair so well with your own images or images from their shop.

All the cactus images are from their online image gallery. Take a look here to find them.

Don’t know where to begin? Opposite Wall has a lot of gallery wall ideas that makes it easy for you to design your wall. Start shopping for your gallery wall here.

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