5 Ways to Spark your kids Creativity at Home with Canon MegaTank Refillable Printer

March 9, 2023

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Feeling like you need a little creative nudge? Here are 5 Ways to spark your kids (and your) creativity at home. Some of the big ones for me are the activators; like getting outside for a walk and decluttering spaces to feel free to create. Read below for all our ideas and we hope it inspires you to create in a new way!

I have a hard time letting things go (certain areas of our home can attest to that!) so decluttering is a big one to not only free up space in your home, but also helps to free space in your mind. Pay close attention to that point before starting to get creative as this could be a huge blocker for you as well.

The kids absolute favourite activity is printing out worksheets and colouring pages for them to get creative with. With endless options online to download and print in a matter of seconds it’s an easy win. See my blog post on Tips for Printing out Free Colouring Pages here.

We’ve had the PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Printer for a few months now and haven’t needed a refill! With print volumes of up to 6,000 black / 7,700 colour pages** and 30 times^ the ink compared to a standard ink cartridge set, it allows me to print out all of their colouring pages and still have ink left over for printing contracts and less exciting paperwork for my business.

5 Ways to Spark your kids Creativity at Home

  1. Start your morning with a walk around your neighbourhood: This helps to clear space in your mind and encourages a better mindset for the rest of the day. 
  2. Organize your toy bins and areas around the home: Organize bins, removing some toys and alternating them bi-weekly. This allows for more space to play and a change in toys to be creative with. Decluttering also helps to clear your mind to allow more space to expand creatively.
  3. Print out free prinatables using the PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Printers: There are so many printables online free of charges to print and create with. We love activity sheets like connect-the-dots and colouring pages or their favourite animals and characters.
  4. Change your colouring medium: Get busy in the kitchen baking and creating with food. My kids love creating with their hands and cookies allow to create, bake and design all together.
  5. Let them get messy: Whether this is with paint at the kitchen table or outside in the mud or dirt. Though the mess seems like a lot of work it allows kids to grow and develop in so many different ways they can’t otherwise do.

I’d love to hear how you love getting your kids creativity sparked. Share in the comments below.

Need a new at Home Printer?

Looking for a new at home printer but don’t know where to start?We are big Canon PIXMA printer fans. For the past 10 years we have used Canon PIXMA printers in our home and recently with the launch of the PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Printers we have been able to try out and fall in love with this at home printer. 

Here’s a few reasons why we love it: 

  • Refillable: You can print for longer without needing to replace ink! The MegaTank holds 30 times more ink than the standard printer ink cartridges.
  • Efficient: It’s efficient in both time and money, it saves over $2,000* in ink savings!The MegaTank prints up to 6,000 black pages / 7,700 colour pages** without needing to change your ink, making it a perfect option for a family household and office printer all in one.
  • Easy to use: With the ink bottle’s spill-resistant tops, the system is designed to provide seamless and clean usability at home, so things don’t get too messy!

Check out the Canon website for more details on the PIXMA G-Series MegaTank Printer.

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