5 Things I would go without during pregnancy

The “No Thank-You’s” of Pregnancy

June 24, 2016

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Before I get into this, I just want to note that yes, pregnancy is amazing and I am so increidbly blessed to be gifted with the responsibility and task of carrying a child. That being said, the first time I was pregnant there was a lot of things I didn’t realize would happen to my body.. and I want to make light of that and share.. for a laugh or maybe even educate those that haven’t quite gone through it yet.

On another note this time around I have enjoyed pregnancy much much more then the first time… but there are still a few things (especially nearing the end of pregnancy) that I wish I could just say “No Thank-You” to and they could go away.

5 Changes That Happen During Pregnancy That I could Live Without

1. Exhaustion // I mean it makes sense, we are growing little humans for goodness sakes.. but let’s be honest… when you are a go go go person and then the third trimester comes along and you are out of breath walking up the stairs that is one big… No Thank-You.

2. Ribs Separating // Maybe this didn’t happen to you but anyone with long babies can agree that the feeling of your ribs separating and expands due to large kicks and little baby bums pushing their way up into your rib cage isn’t exactly my favorite. You can often find me sitting with one hand on my right rib cage pushing that bum right back down.

3. Leakage // Whether it is happening from the boobs or down below I am good without it. Am I right?

4. Back Pain // Pretty much right when my third trimester arrived so did the back pain, I feel like an 80 year old.. maybe even older. If you have a medical plan take advantage of your massages during pregnancy for sure, some reason I haven’t yet and boy is that a mistake!

5. Lightning Crotch // I don’t think everyone has experienced this… but it is definitely something that can come in the third trimester and definitely something that is an ultimate No Thank-You in my opinion. Now this of course is not the medical term for it, but when it is described this way it is exactly what it sounds like, ouch.

Can you relate to any of these changes? Or maybe there is something else that you want to add that would give us all a laugh. Share some of your No-Thank-You’s in the comments below.

  1. Lol. I SO relate! I have 6 kids ages 12 years to 11 months. I get it! All pregnancies are different and the stuff they don’t tell you is endless! How about those ligament pains? Or how gross it is when your water breaks? Or the heartburn?! I could go on and on, lol. But I do love pregnancy. You look beautiful!

    • creativewifeandjoyfulworker says:

      oh my goodness, so funny! And heartburn was one that I FOR SURE meant to add to this list, never had it before pregnancy and for sure am good without it. ha!

  2. Oh my gosh YES!! I have been pregnant 6 times and honestly I would rather skip the whole mess and just bring home a teeny tiny baby. Don’t forget to add losing hair to that list or your eyes changing shape (they never tell you about that crap either!)

  3. Oh my gosh, I was so miserable during all three of my pregnancies. I did not glow at all, and spent more time on the couch than anything!!!

  4. Hahahah I loved reading this! I am 32 weeks right now and this whole pregnancy thing is not a lot of fun. I agree with you that it is such a blessing to be carrying and growing a life inside of me. It’s so cool to feel him move and kick and see my belly grow! But all these extra discomforts are not much fun. Back pain has been the worst for me! I’m hoping it goes away once I’m not carrying this huge weight in front of me 24/7.

  5. I only have one child and he is 15, so it has been a long time, but I remember the tiredness and the kicking.

  6. Okay, I am CFBC but I have stepkids and oldest stepdaughter is due July 9th (EEEK – cannot wait) and I know she can relate. She is always mentioning baby girl is killin’ her ribs! She also experienced boob leakage in public and mentioned how embarrassing it was. I just tell her, “It just means your body is getting ready to nourish your baby.” (Easy for me to say, I know, I know).

  7. I remember feeling exhausted all the time. I had other complications too but it was all worth it. Now my boy is 4 and such an adorable kid.

  8. I felt some soreness and hormonal but gotta say, I had a pretty healthy and easy pregnancy up till the day I had my son. I even went to watch movies and laughed so much I had contractions and the taxi driver drove so fast because he didn’t want me to have the baby in his car! Hahah

  9. The exhaustion is what stands our most with memories of being pregnant. In the very beginning and at the very end of 2 pregnancies. I’ve never heard of lighting crotch. I don’t think.

  10. Chelsea Wolf says:

    I was fortunate to have a great pregnancy with my first and don’t remember any of these symptoms. But with baby #2 on board, no amount of naps can make me not exhausted!

  11. Haha, YES! I remember these all well. I am a terrible pregnant person and complained the whole time. Fortunately my deliveries were easy.

  12. I was literally rolling! I experienced all of these and I am totally with you! I slept through pretty much the entire first trimester i was so tired! Loved it!

  13. Back pain is certainly something I could have went without. Throughout my entire pregnancy I suffered with terrible back pain. I agree that pregnancy/ having a child is wonderful, but there are things I could have done without!

  14. One of my friends just had a baby and she definitely talked about all of these things. She could pretty much do without all of it. lol.

  15. Kiwi says:

    Jesus lighting crotch??! See another fact no one tells me about pregnancy I am nervous…thanks for telling the truth!

  16. Lidiya Ervin says:

    Argh! Everything but no5 were a problem to me! And on top of that I was working full time at a bank so I was up on my feet a lot of the day so my feet were always tired. Thankful that my hubby would rub them for me sometimes!

  17. Heather Senger says:

    Oh my word, Yes! Exhaustion was a big one last time, hit me like a ton of bricks. And I had a full time job that I had no idea how I was going to make it through everyday. At least this time I was prepared for it and now I stay home with my daughter so I can nap when she does! This time around I have nausea, didn’t last time at all, so for me it’s super unexpected and ALL day draining. Ready for the second trimester to begin so I can have more energy!

  18. Ingrid says:

    For me it was hypersalivating. 2nd child in, I was spitting like crazy from 6 weeks until the end. I really wanted a portable suction just for my saliva. It was so gross!

  19. osem48 says:

    With baby no 1, I had PUPP, the pregnancy rashes. With baby no. 3, I had gained so much weight, walking was almost impossible. I felt like a beached whale and I had no sensation in my left hip. It was numb. Oh! and I also had frequent nose bleeds! hahaha!

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