Willband Park | List of walks and hikes for kids in abbotsford and the fraser valley

List of Walks and Hikes for Kids in the Fraser Valley

November 18, 2020

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Well, we can all admit that times right now are unpredictable. One constant for me that helps to stay grounded is being in the presence of nature. With the help of friends from Instagram and my girl Julie Christine I’ve come up with this list of walks and hikes for kids in the Fraser Valley.

The Fraser Valley has so much to offer. I’m making it a goal to get out more and explore. Just as I put this list together I’m realizing how blessed we are with all these hikes and walks for kids in the Lower Mainland.

Reminder: Keep your distance from others while out in nature during COVID-19.

Willband Park | List of walks and hikes for kids in abbotsford and the fraser valley

Walks and Hikes Suitable for Kids in the Lower Mainland

Walks and Hikes in Langley

  1. Williams Park:
    6595 238 St., Langley, BC

    I haven’t explored here before so will update.
  2. Campbell Valley Regional Park:
    8 Ave, Langley, BC 

    Lots of intertwining dirt trails to explore.
  3. Glen Valley Regional Park:
    28000 River Road, Langley BC

    There’s the option to explore through the gravel trail within the trees or when the water levels are down you can walk along the shore through rocks into the river.
  4. Beaver Creek Dyke / Dog Park:
    26481 Trans Canada Trail, Langley BC

    About 5K of flats to roam and explore with your families including your dogs.
  5. Fort to Fort Trails:
    Billy Brown Road, Langley BC

    Along the Fraser River near the heart of Fort Langley you can walk a paved path.
  6. Derby Reach Regional Park:
    Allard Crescent, Langley BC

    Another great spot along the Fraser River that also has a neighbouring off leash dog park area.

Walks and Hikes in Abbotsford

  1. Willband Creek Park:
    Bateman Road, Abbotsford BC

    One of our favourite places to bring the kids bikes and cruise around.
  2. Upper & Lower Ambidextrous:
    Harvest Drive, Abbotsford BC

    This is one of my all time favourite trails, the sandstone rock at about half way along the loop is so beautiful, a great place for the kids to climb and play under too.
  3. Downes Bowl Park:
    Sparwood Street, Abbotsford BC

    Wooded trails through the trees with some slopes. Enter through Clearbrook Parks offleash area.
  4. Fishtrap Creek Park:
    Maclure Road, Abbotsford BC

    Paved path that leads around Fishtrap creek, easy walk for kids and perfect for bikes and strollers.
  5. Matsqui Dyke Trail:
    Riverside Street, Abbotsford BC

    Walk along the dyke and under the Abby-Mission bridge taking in the sights of the Fraser River
  6. Ledgeview Trails:
    McKee Road, Abbotsford BC

    Longer trails through the woods. More immediate to advanced trails for biking as well.
  7. Sumas Mountain Trail:
    Sumas Mountain Road, Abbotsford BC

    A great trail to plan to take to catch the sun setting, a bit of a way up hill but worth it. Lot’s of trails and some beautiful views. We usually start at the lower parking lot.
  8. Lower Sumas Mountain Park:
    Whatcom Road, Abbotsford BC

    This hike will show your beautiful views of Abbotsford flats.
  9. McDonald Park:
    39451 No. 3 Road, Abbotsford BC

    Just off Trans Canada Highway on your way into Chilliwack you can find a little park area along the river. Smaller and less visited park area.
  10. Bateman Park Trail:
    Bateman Park, Abbotsford, BC

    Drive into Bateman park off Bateman Road and you can access the gravel trail and off lease dog area to the left of the parking lot behind the fields.

Walks and Hikes in Mission

  1. Fraser River Heritage Park:
    7494 Mary St, Mission BC

    The start of many trail heads, if you proceed to the top you can see a nice view of the Fraser River and Matsqui Prairie.
  2. Hayward Lake Trail:
    Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission BC

    You can park at the Hayward Lake Recreation Area and walk a long distance boarding the lake. You likely will walk for a preferred distance then turn around and head back in the starting direction.
  3. Rolley Lake:
    Bell Street, Mission BC

    One of my new faves. Intermediate for biking, good for older kids. You can go the full loop around the lake.
  4. Cascade Falls:
    Cascade Falls Trail, Mission, BC

    Could be a short walk up to the falls view point or start at the base of the falls and climb around the rocks and freezing cold water.
  5. Steelhead Falls:
    Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission BC

    Beautiful waterfall to view here, easy trail great for the kids.
  6. Bear Mountain Trails:
    Saunders Street, Mission BC

    Lots of dirt bike trails to explore, we recently did a loop up Merv’s Trail, connected to Little Death Trail, walked up the SA 110 and back down Merv’s Trail. I used this map to see trail names.

Walks and Hikes in Chilliwack

  1. Cultus Lake:
    Sunnyside Boulevard, Cultus Lake BC

    While you are right on the lake you can explore the docks or walk along the beach front.
  2. Peach Park:
    Peach Road, Chilliwack BC

    This is where we had our last family photo session done by Fourth West Photography. You can walk along the rocks on the river bed or down the dyke up above.
  3. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park:
    Chilliwack Lake Road, Chilliwack BC

    It’s quite the drive up Chilliwack Lake road but such a beautiful spot to explore once you do arrive.
  4. Teapot Hill:
    Columbia Valley Road, Cultus Lake BC

    On your way around Cultus Lake you can find Teapot Hill, great starting point to get into hiking with kids.
  5. Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park:
    Bridal Falls, Chilliwack BC

    Another on my to do list. No explanation of trail yet.


Walks and Hikes in Hope

  1. Othello Tunnels:
    Tunnels Road, Hope BC

    Popular destination by others to explore the unground tunnels. A must visit at some point if you haven’t been.
  2. Flood Falls Trail:
    Flood Falls Trail, Hope BC

    Tall and skinny waterfall that can be discovered through a wooded trail hike. Small pool at the bottom of the falls.
  3. Kawkawa Lake Trails:
    Kawkawa Lake Road, Hope BC

    As a kid we did these trails when going to Camp Kawkawa. Groomed dirt trail perfect for all ages.
  4. Thacker Mountain:
    Thacker Mountain Road, Hope BC

    A beautiful hike within the mountains surrounded by forrest.
Willband Park | List of walks and hikes for kids in abbotsford and the fraser valley

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Have fun and be safe outdoors friends.

  1. Allie says:

    Vedder Rotary Trail, Community Forest, Brown Creek Wetlands, Mt. Thom hike, Elk Mountain hike, Promontory Stairs, Island 22, Great Blue Heron Reserve, Bridal veil falls for Chilliwack. Trails are all family friendly and good for kids.

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