Kids Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

17 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

December 6, 2020

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Every year for the kids stockings we do a little mix of things that the kids want and things that the kids need. Usually some self care items, treats and a few little toys all find their way in. Here are 17 different kids stocking stuffer ideas.

I always try to shop local as much as possible, include a few “trending” items as well as keeping in mind companies that give back and are made with clean ingredients.

Shop 17 Kid’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Let’s start from top left and go across from left to right until we reach the last item.

This post contains affiliate links and also offers some coupon codes — it doesn’t change anything for you it just gives me the opportunity to earn a little bit of money.

  1. Me! Bath: These bath bombs are a trending for my kids with the popular graphics of mermaids and unicorns. Each year my kids discover a new bath bomb in their stockings and I have no doubt they will squeal when they open these up. Shop online.
  2. Macey and Co: From classic pattern bows and designs to fun holiday prints and sparkling Macey and Co has so many different bows to choose from.
  3. Rascal Remedies: These all natural sprays are great for the kids. I have some of my own and my kids always love spraying them. This mix is great for right before bedtime, called: Dharma Dreams.
  4. Purdy’s Chocolate: It’s like money, but better (at least the kids think so). The Purdy’s Chocolate coins are always a win! Shop online.
  5. Blume: Healthy hot chocolate you feel real good about drinking. The Reishi hot chocolate blend is my absolute favourite, it’s really a gift for the two of us, ha!
  6. Glitter & Spice: I’ve been a Glitter & Spice brand since my kids were little and used their teethers, they now have a dishware line and toothbrushes. Shop online. Use code CODILYNN10 at The Local Space (linked here) for 10% off.
  7. Attitude Living: We use their hair products for the kids and hand soap in the bathroom. Love that most of their stuff comes with larger refillable containers and I have a code for first time buyers. CODILYNN 10 get’s you $10 off your order! This is their detangler spray, my kids love spraying their hair before brushing to get the knots out.
  8. Jax & Lennon: This locally made in BC brand makes the coziest undies for kids. Boxers for the boys and panties for the girls, such cute designs all on their online shop.
  9. Rascal Remedies: These roll on remedies are great for when the kids want a “feel good” something something on their owies. It’s like a kiss but with natural ingredients and essentials oils that sooth and really help them feel better. Shop online.
  10. Jars by Jodi: Cookies, brownies, you name it! If your kid likes to bake this is the perfect set of pre-made dry ingredients. Your kids can add the rest and then you bake. If you buy from The Local Space with my code CODILYNN10 you can get 10% off!! Shop now.
  11. Grech and Co: I found these cute round sunnies when I was looking at the Macey and Co bows. This brand is connected to theirs on their online site, made from recycled plastic and there are so many different coloured sunnies to choose from. Shop online.
  12. Munchie Mug: The spill proof snack mug, a gift to the kids that is really a gift to the parents. Found these at my local kitchen store Yes Chef!
  13. Kitten Catfe: Our kids were given a these earlier in the year and they have loved playing with them! The little kitties come in a reusable mug with a little tea bag with collectable beads. Shop now.
  14. Yes Chef!: These reusable bags are great for the kids lunches and something that they can tote their things around with. A great gift for teaching them to reduce the use of single use plastic. Shop now.
  15. Hey Folks: These shoes are the most used by our kids. We love them as indoor (and outdoor) shoes for school. So easy to put on and my kids are always asking to wear their even weather the weather would suggest boots ha! Shop online.
  16. Ellie-Mae’s Sparkle: This book is an adorable read about how a little girls looses her sparkle and then finds it again. Illustrated by Micheal Hill and a percentage of proceeds from the sale of each book are donated to Save the Children. Shop Here.
  17. PK Beans: I wasn’t going to add a mask but I think it inevitable. I just got a few matching mommy and mini ones from PK Beans are they have some great patterns to choose from.

What do you always add to your kids stocking? Comment below.

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