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Re:vive Socialhouse: Abbotsford’s Only Sip, Shop, Gather + Graze

June 16, 2022

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I can promise you that Re:vive Socialhouse will sweep you away from feeling like you are in Abbotsford, BC and make you feel like you are some place totally different. From corner to corner every detail fills the coastal boho decor style. You can choose to come in to graze on some delicious plates, sip on a perfectly crafted drink and/or shop around the store under the beautifully hung rattan lights.

boho style restaurant decor - revive social house

Photos: Fourth West Photography

Recently some friends and I visited Revive for the first time, we tried out a full Graze board, their berry flatbread and the Mediterranean plate. Between the four of us there was SO much food to share and even pack up to bring home.

To say we were blown away by the entire vibe of the restaurant and shop is an understatement. It’s such a pleasure to have been able to connect with Mallery, Re:vive Socialhouse Abbotsford’s owner, and share a bit more of her story and how Re:vive Socialhouse came to be.

Q & A with Owner of Re:vive Socialhouse

1. When did the idea to open up Re:vive Socialhouse come?

Only one year ago. Last June Joel and I were having a charcuterie board at home and drinking wine and chatting about life and dreams.

I’ve always wanted to own a Home Décor store and during covid the desire became more of an obsession. I was tired of waiting for some future date to start chasing after my dream and so Joel convinced me that I should do it.

So I said to him that night, “I know I want it to be home décor, but I don’t want it to be JUST that. But I don’t know what else it should be.”

To which he replied: “ Why don’t you combine your favorite things and make it a wine tasting place too.”

My mind was blown. And we stayed up all night dreaming up this idea where people could come in and shop and eat and try different wines. A place where we could do classes one day to teach different things, like staging and candle making. A place for him to host karaoke and trivia nights. A place that would bring people together in the community after so much separation.

2. Share the meaning behind the name and how Re:vive Socialhouse came to life

RE:VIVE was actually the name of our construction company. Joel and I have worked together, on the side of our other jobs, flipping houses for 14 years, but a few years back we started full time with our own company; RE:VIVE Construction X Design.

“RE:VIVE” has a three part meaning: Revive means to bring back to life, “RE:” meaning is used to bring attention to a subject Regarding a subject, the subject being Life. In French the exclamation of “VIVE” means more than simply life, its Abundant Life.

So put all together, to us, RE:VIVE means Regarding The Restoration of Abundant Life.

It’s something we are passionate about. Chasing after the life you want and settling for nothing less than happiness.

3. I love the different corners of the space and how you offer so many different “rooms” that are each their own little escape. Which corner is your favourite? 

The Green Room is by far my favourite. I wish I could live in a greenhouse.

non-alcoholic drinks at revive socialhouse in abbotsford

4. You use dried eucalyptus throughout Re:vive Socialhouse, including on your menus, what does this signify to you?

Dried Eucalyptus doesn’t actually have any significance to me. But I own Green Paisley, a natural soy candle company, and we decorate the top of each candle with dried fruits and florals. Eucalyptus is very hardy when it dries so we are always buying it, drying it and using it in the candles.

But we love how it looks and smells so we started selling it. It’s very popular.

5. What are your most popular food items? & What is your favourite item on the menu?

Our flatbreads are the most popular, the BERRY in particular. The Medditerranean is my favorite though.

PS! If you haven’t already seen the reel that I created for Re:vive Social house make sure to watch it here. You can see a close up of the berry flatbread there, it really is SO GOOD! Doesn’t surprise me that’s it’s been mentioned as the most popular. (It’s also featured as the last image in this set of three below)

6. As a new restaurant what’s something that has surprised you being in business so far?

3pm! Haha I did not see 3pm coming, but apparently everyone who works in restaurants knows that everything dies for a bit at 3 pm. Apparently that’s why people always have happy hour from 2-4. Who knew?!

7. What is a dream or goal you have for Re:vive for 2022?

We have HUGE plans for RE:VIVE. Like ridiculously huge, but for this year only our goal is to get our liquor license, which I believe might be here very soon, and start featuring BC wineries.

We will have one different winery in each month and carry ONLY their wines. It’s a chance to introduce the Fraser Valley to all of the amazing local wineries BC has to offer, without having to travel to the Okanagan.

We are so excited about this.

Re:vive Social House Abbotsford Place to eat and shop

8. Anything else you want to share?

We have a sign in our store by the front door that I made, it’s a quote that I read during covid that propelled me forward toward this and I would love to share it with everyone in hopes that even one more person reads it and decides to go after what they really want. (which reminds me of a different quote I love: “ Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”)

Anyways, the quote I meant to share is:

“one life. Just one. Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?”

Re:vive Address | Sip • Shop • Gather • Graze

If you haven’t visited Re:vive Socialhouse yet, make sure to visit then in Downtown Abbotsford, BC., I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed in what they have to offer.

Re:vive Social house address:
33757 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, British Columbia V2S2C3

Note: Make sure to call ahead at Re:vive Socialhouse and make a reservation, especially for larger groups. Tel: (604) 556-0568

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